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List of astronomers who have over 1,000 Twitter followers. Includes astrophysicists, planetary scientists, and related professionals. Tweet additions and comments to @Lucretius21c.  This list also is available in the Twitter list system.

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Content last updated: 2014-12-12 10:00 UTC. Users listed: 151.

Twitter profile Twitter
 Neil deGrasse Tyson

Astrophysicist. Author: Space Chronicles & Inexplicable Universe [Video]; Host: @StarTalkRadio & @COSMOSonTV
New York City

2,763,239  2/day
 Phil Plait

SCIENCE! I love this stuff.

349,009  18/day
 Emily Lakdawalla

Senior Editor & Planetary Evangelist, The Planetary Society. Planetary scientist, writer, public speaker. Writing a book on Curiosity mission. Asteroid 274860.
Pasadena, CA

61,996  12/day
 Dr. Phil Metzger

Planetary scientist. Co-founded NASA KSC SwampWorks. Now at UCF Florida Space Institute but still on SwampWorks team. SpaceMining. Space settlement. Science.
Kennedy Space Center & Orlando

32,369  19/day
 Dr. Bruce Betts

Fun random space facts and videos, easy astronomy, pretty pix from a planetary scientist dude. Director of Science and Technology for The Planetary Society.
Pasadena, California, USA

30,248  1.0/day
 Stuart Clark

Astronomer, journalist and author of The Sun Kings and The Sky’s Dark Labyrinth trilogy. Writes Across the Universe blog for The Guardian.

27,994  5/day
 Carolyn Porco

Planetary scientist, Cassini imaging lead, CICLOPS director, The Day The Earth Smiled founder. WE DID IT! Opinions are my own.

27,771  7/day
 Matt Taylor

I work on the Rosetta mission at ESA. Which is nice.

27,452  2/day
 Robert Simpson

Astronomer and web developer at Oxford University. I work at the Zooniverse: the world’s largest citizen science platform. 2014 TED Fellow.
Oxford, United Kingdom

24,790  4/day
 - Jeff Goldstein

STEM educator, astrophysicist, Natl Cntr Directr, Stnt Expts on ISS | NSTA Keynote 3min vid
- Washington, DC

23,246  14/day
 Dr. Ian O’Neill

@DNews Senior Producer for Space. Recovering British solar physicist. Enjoys beer, prefers tea. Hairy Atheist & skeptic. @EVEOnline capsuleer. @AberUni alum.
Woodland Hills, California

21,732  15/day
 John Grunsfeld

Lead for Science at NASA (Associate Administrator) Astronaut STS-67,81,103,109,125 Hubble Hugger, Space and Earth explorer

21,212  0.4/day
 Mike Brown

Astronomer, planet hunter, Pluto killer, bear whisperer, Finger-wrapped dad.
Pasadena, CA

19,664  5/day
 Pamela L. Gay

Communicating astronomy and life in academia 1 sidereal day at a time.
Edwardsville, IL

19,616  6/day
 Kirk Borne

PhD DataScientist Astrophysicist, Top #BigData Influencer. #DataScience, Astroinformatics, #CitizenScience
George Mason University

19,322  30/day
 Katie Mack

(a.k.a. Katherine J Mack) astrophysicist, occasional freelance science writer, connoisseur of airplane food
Melbourne, Australia, or not

17,584  24/day
 David Brin

Scientist, Futurist, Author (The Postman, Existence,The Transparent Society). Interested in technology & our changing world.
San Diego

16,860  5/day

Astronomer, zookeeper and journalist, based at University of Oxford.

16,276  2/day
 David Grinspoon

Astrobiologist @librarycongress Senior Scientist at PSI. Leader: House Band of the Universe. Author “Lonely Planets” Columnist @SkyandTelescope. Sagan Medalist
Biosphere One

16,141  9/day
 Amy Mainzer

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

15,716  4/day

Astronomer, SETI Institute
Mountain View, California

15,504  0.1/day
 Catherine Q.

Astrophysicist, science communicator, over-thinker. One of @HuffPostscience Top 30 Physicists to follow. Autoimmune illness girl. Kiwi in US. Dogs rule.

15,266  52/day
 Lucie Green

Royal Society University Research Fellow staring at the Sun and beyond. Based at UCL. Chief Stargazer at @popastro

12,217  3/day
 Ed Copeland

Particle cosmologist working on the Early Universe at the University of Nottingham. Views expressed are my own.
Nottingham, UK

10,888  2/day
 Javier Armentia

Astrofísico, comunicador científico, escéptico, ateo, mala gente en general.

10,763  8/day
 Nick Howes

Astronomer, Consultant and Science Writer – Fellow of Royal Astronomical Society. Media team for @lunarmissionone
Cherhill in Wiltshire

10,498  33/day
 Brian Schmidt

An overly busy Cosmologist, Wine maker, Dad & Husband. 2011 Nobel Laureate in Physics
Canberra Australia

10,218  3/day
 Daniel Marín

Astrofísico entusiasta de la exploración espacial. Canario. Autor del blog Eureka. Premio Bitácoras 2012 en ciencia. @NASAJuno Tweetup and Soyuz TMA-09M launch.

8,831  16/day
 Pete Lawrence

Astronomer, astrophotographer, writer, Sky at Night presenter, consultant and contributor for Stargazing Live. Normally pretty tired from staying up all night
Selsey, England

8,811  4/day
 Nicole Gugliucci

Astronomer. Educator. Subtle as a supernova. Postdoc with the most rock with @cosmoquestx and @siuestem. Tweets my own. RT != endorsement.
Edwardsville, IL

8,417  16/day
 Tamitha Skov

Know when to expect aurora & errors in GPS, satellite phone & i-net,& ham radio. Get daily Space Weather forecasts from physicist who works for NASA/NOAA &more.

7,731  16/day
 Sarah Hörst

Planetary scientist, Titan evangelist, triathlete, pomeranian wrangler. Prone to #sciencedancing. Loves socks. Stridently anti-breakfast. My tweets are my own.
Baltimore, MD, USA

7,310  14/day
 J Richard Gott

Astrophysicist; author of TIME TRAVEL IN EINSTEIN’S UNIVERSE; co-author, w/ Robert J Vanderbei, of SIZING UP THE UNIVERSE
Princeton, New Jersey

5,731  1/day
 Adam Frank

Astrophysicist: University of Rochester. NPR Science Blogger: 13.7. Author: About Time: Cosmology Culture at the Twilight of the Big Bang.
University of Rochester…

5,672  3/day
 Prof. Abel Méndez

Planetary Scientist and Astrobiologist. Director of the Planetary Habitability Laboratory @ UPR Arecibo. Studying habitable worlds in the universe.
Arecibo, Puerto Rico

5,028  18/day
 Colin Stuart

Science author, writer & presenter with his head in the stars. I also work at a London observatory. See website for blog, books and talks.

5,021  4/day
 ★ amanda bauer ★

astrophysicist. science communicator. music creator. culinary enthusiast. willing.
sydney, australia

4,884  6/day
 Ed Lu

Finding a million asteroids!
Pale Blue Dot

4,785  0.9/day

Jim is a Professor in the School of Earth & Space Exploration at ASU, an active planetary science researcher and author, and President of The Planetary Society.

4,640  <0.05/day
 Tim O’Brien

Professor of Astrophysics & Associate Director of Jodrell Bank Observatory, University of Manchester.

Watch the Skies!

4,613  4/day
 Alasdair Allan

Scientist, Author, Hacker, Tinkerer, Maker and sometimes Journalist. Just another hacker, pretending to be an astronomer, pretending to be a hacker.
Exeter, UK

4,417  8/day
 Mario Livio

Astrophysicist, Space Telescope Science Institute. Author: The Golden Ratio, Is God a Mathematician?, Brilliant Blunders

4,164  9/day
 Jake Vanderplas

Python-wielding astronomer interested in cosmology, machine learning, open science, reproducibility, education, data vis…
Seattle WA

4,122  2/day
 Lewis Dartnell

Astrobiology research fellow, science communicator & book author | |

4,121  7/day
 Marc Kuchner

PI of Citizen Science site, Astrophysicist, Songwriter.
Greenbelt, MD

3,908  0.6/day
 Keri Bean

Working @NASAJPL in science operations for @NASA_Dawn #Ceres2015! Martian meteorologist. R2D2’s foster mom. Married to @JeffAMcGee. TX Aggie. Tweets are mine.
Pasadena, CA

3,811  13/day
 Amedeo Balbi

Studio l’universo e ve lo racconto. Ultimo libro: Cercatori di meraviglia (Rizzoli)
Roma, Italy

3,785  1/day

Space penguin juggling various science teachery things with occasional writing and outreach on my starry flippers. Loves astronomy, citizen science & feminism.
ra=144.437, dec=2.759

3,718  64/day
 Lucianne Walkowicz

astrophysicist. artist. transient bioelectrical phenomenon hurtling through space.
Chicago, IL, USA, Earth

3,662  4/day
 Ethan Siegel

The Universe is:
Expanding, cooling, and dark.
It starts with a bang! #Cosmology Science writer, astrophysicist, science communicator & NASA columnist.
Portland, OR…

3,560  4/day
 Chris North

Astrophysicist at Cardiff University, and UK Herschel Outreach Officer. All comments are my own.
Cardiff (normally)

3,507  3/day
 Amber Straughn

Arkansas farm girl & NASA astrophysicist. Pilot, yogini, homebrewer, Great Dane mom, @PearlJam junkie, Razorback football fan. Tweets are my own.
Washington, DC

3,488  3/day
 Marek Kukula

Public Astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich & curator for the touring Visions of the Universe exhibition. My opinions = my opinions.

3,476  3/day
 Jonathan McDowell

I’m an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, working on Chandra and quasars, and commenting on space launches and space activities.
Somerville, MA, USA

3,446  2/day

Scientist. Space Explorer. Optimist. Space Man. Dad. Not necessarily in that order. Follow my New Horizons Twitter feed @NewHorizons2015.

3,420  2/day
 Bryan Gaensler

Astronomer, politics junkie, rugby league tragic, sci-fi connoisseur.
Sydney ⇢ Toronto (Jan 2015)

3,373  11/day
 Tom Kerss

Astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. Resolute stargazer. Somewhat Danish. I love telescopes.

3,326  3/day
 Alan Duffy

Astronomer who sometimes chats to the media and gets way too excited about science on air. Making galaxies at Swinburne Uni since 2014

3,319  9/day
 Sarah Kendrew

Astronomer, University of Oxford, UK. Occasional runner and triathlete.

3,289  8/day
 Franck Marchis

Planetary astronomer at the Carl Sagan Center of SETI Institute, I am a husband & a dad, passionate about space, environment & human rights. Tweets are my own.
San Francisco

3,242  7/day
 Estelle Déau

Astrophysicist devoted to Saturn’s rings, disk dynamics, radiative transfer of planetary regolith. I (re)tweet about rings, moons, Saturn, planets & fun science
Between Earth and Saturn…

3,208  2/day
 Kurtis Williams

Assistant professor at Texas A&M University – Commerce
Commerce, TX, USA

3,200  0.9/day
 Sara Seager

Prof. Seager is an astrophysicist and planetary scientist at MIT. A pioneer in the vast world of exoplanets, she’s on a quest for the holy grail: another Earth.
Cambridge, MA

2,907  0.1/day
 Meg Rosenburg

moons&planets, #scicomm, #histSTM | freelancer | @Caltech PhD | #PHDtv | all-around space person | | And what you do, do it unfeignedly.
Pasadena, CA

2,902  10/day
 Peter Coles

Theoretical astrophysicist (specialising in cosmology), as well as opera, jazz and crossword addict. Now with added beard. Tweets in a personal capacity.
Brighton, England

2,882  12/day
 Karen Masters

Astronomer at ICG, Univ. of Portsmouth. Project Scientist for Galaxy Zoo. Proud Sloanie (SDSS). Now with primary school age kids!
Portsmouth, UK

2,794  9/day
 Hakeem Oluseyi

Astrophysicist | Inventor | TED Fellow | Star Hacker | OG | TV Personality
Melbourne, FL USA…

2,779  3/day
 Alex Parker

Planetary astronomer at SwRI, investigating the origin and history of icy worlds at the edge of our solar system, and supporting NASA’s New Horizons mission.
Boulder, Colorado

2,679  5/day
 Carolina Ödman

Astrophysicist mum of two working in technology, science, development, hacking (the good kind), photography, and hanging out in a state of happiness.
Planet Earth, most of the time

2,611  4/day

I use gravitational lenses to measure the size of quasars and constrain the amount of satellites in dark matter halos.

2,575  44/day

Astrophysicist by day and all around rock-it scientist whenever I get my act together.
Moon/New York City

2,520  28/day
 Stacie Powell

Olympic GB 10m Platform Diver Astrophysics PhD student at The University of Cambridge

2,498  0.7/day

By day: just another transient astronomer. By night: samba drumming, rock climbing, public speaker, teacher and science advocate. Currently in Manchester.
Planet Earth

2,462  5/day
 Andrew Pontzen

I do cosmology and piano. Employed by UCL, funded by the Royal Society. It’s not their fault when I talk nonsense, though.

2,392  4/day
 Gene Gordon

Chaotic, loud, energetic, fun-loving,28 year veteran physics teacher. National Board Certified,NASA MESSENGER & New Horizons Fellow. STANYS President-Elect
Honeoye Falls,NY

2,330  8/day
 Dr. Sengupta

Developing the ISS Cold Atom Lab @NASA_JPL, Exploring the Quantum Universe one atom at a time, Research Professor @USCviterbi.

2,305  4/day
 Arfon Smith

Science @ GitHub. Zooniverse co-founder. Views expressed here are mine, not my mum’s

2,210  2/day
 Caleb Scharf

Director of Astrobiology at Columbia University.

Blogs at Sci Am (#sciamblogs). Author of The Copernicus Complex (Fall 2014)
New York

2,206  3/day
 Peter Edmonds

Work in public affairs for NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. Survived a PhD & postdocs in astrophysics. Interested in science & scicomm. Opinions are mine.

2,187  16/day
 Susan Niebur

Women make up half the bodies in the solar system — why not half the scientists?
Washington, D.C.

2,173  0.4/day
 Paul Crowther

Jobbing Astrophysics Prof, mostly researching Monster Stars. Director of Teaching for @UoSPHY. Interested in UK science policy, esp. @STFC_Matters’s ups & downs
Peoples Republic of Sheffield

2,165  3/day
 David W. Hogg

astronomy, inference, engineering,
New York City

2,132  3/day
 Michael Merrifield

Professor of astronomy at the University of Nottingham, interested in most things astronomical, particularly galaxies, outreach and art.

2,131  5/day
 Dr Sheila Kanani

@RoyalAstroSoc outreach officer, space(comedienne*educator*ambassador). Coke float drinking pocket rocket, planetary physics geek. Co-founder of @STEMMsisters.
LDN, Lytham, MCR (UK)

2,109  3/day
 Jane MacArthur

Studying martian meteorites & comet samples @UniOfLeicester.
FRAS Councillor, MBIS, STEM ambassador, Violinist, FCA
Leicester, UK

2,105  2/day
 Janna Levin

Astrophysicist. Author.
New York City

2,056  0.9/day
 David Spergel

Astrophysicist at Princeton University
Princeton NJ

2,051  0.9/day
 Kristin Block

Spacecraft science, @HiRISE on #MRO. With my free hand, I play taiko & upright bass. (Looking for the mission @Maven2Mars?) Opinions: MINE, ALL MINE!
Tucson, AZ

1,991  4/day
 Brooke Simmons

Astronomer. First loves: galaxies and black holes. Go on: ask me anything.
Oxford, UK

1,936  2/day
 Julianne Dalcanton

Astrophysicist at the University of Washington. Principal Investigator of the Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury (PHAT).

1,925  7/day
 Ryan Anderson

Planetary scientist. I shoot rocks on Mars with a laser. I also read, review, and write speculative fiction. All views expressed are my own.
Flagstaff, AZ

1,899  3/day
 Prof. Chris Welch

Professor of Astronautics and Director Masters Programs at the International Space University, by day. Wearer of many other hats by day and night.
Strasbourg, France…

1,898  2/day
 Jorge S. Diaz

Particle astrophysicist playing with high-energy neutrinos, cosmic rays, and gamma rays during the day, and low-energy neutrons at night.
Heidelberg/Karlsruhe, Germany

1,878  28/day
 Robert Massey

Parent, Deputy Executive Secretary at the Royal Astronomical Society. Pro-EU, pro-diversity. For official comments see @royalastrosoc
Bristol (Southville) & London

1,848  2/day
 Sarah Tuttle

Astrophysicist. Mom. Lunatic. Bionic Woman. Making room for all the other geniuses.
Austin, TX

1,847  14/day
 Yvette Cendes

A Hungarian-American radio astronomy PhD student in Amsterdam. Only person on Earth who’s been to Everest Base Camp AND punched by a wild mountain gorilla.
Amsterdam, Netherlands

1,833  7/day
 Robert C. Tautz

Theoretical plasma astrophysicist studying cosmic rays, plasma instabilities, and general problems of mathematical and computational physics. Tweets are my own.

1,807  1/day

Asteroid radar astronomer (小惑星レーダー天文学者), writer, sailor, @observatorycats herder. Wellesley/MIT/San Francisco/@AreciboRadar expat. @UALPL’er/@OSIRISREx’ian.
Tucson, Arizona

1,800  11/day
 Michele Bannister

Planetary astronomer, poet, fascinated by icy worlds. I hunt yesterday’s light. Postdoctoral fellow with @OSSOSurvey.
Victoria, BC ex: Canberra; NZ

1,719  3/day
 Anthony Rushton

Marie Curie fellow – Interests:

Astronomy & astrophysics,

black holes,

neutron stars,

accretion and jets
University of Oxford…

1,716  1/day
 Haley Gomez

I’m an Astrophysicist, love books, films astronomy, shoes and dresses.

1,680  3/day
 Alyssa Goodman

Astronomy Professor at Harvard, figuring out how the Universe makes stars. Trying to make Astronomy more Seamless and STEM education more fun.

1,676  1/day
 Meg Schwamb

Planetary scientist, astronomer, postdoctoral fellow at ASIAA, and member of the Planet Four & Planet Hunters science teams, Any opinions tweeted are my own.
Taipei, Taiwan

1,664  8/day
 Zita Martins

Astrobiology researcher; Science communicator; Royal Society University Research Fellow; BBC Expert Women

1,660  2/day
 Natalie Starkey

Space scientist at The Open University and Lab Manager of NanoSIMS. 2013 BBC Women’s Expert for science and British Science Association Guardian media fellow.

1,655  2/day
 Guy Consolmagno

Brother astronomer at the Vatican Observatory, occasional book author

1,645  0.9/day
 Jill Tarter


chief cheerleader for SETI, setiQuest, and the Allen Telescope Array

Jack’s wife – Shana’s mom – Li Yao and Clara’s grandma
Earth in the Cosmos

1,627  0.1/day
 Alberto Conti

Astrophysicist & Innovation Manager – – Tweets are my own not Northrop Grumman’s, at least in this universe.

1,618  6/day
 Dr. Alex Lockwood

Alliterative atypical astrophysicist

1,588  0.9/day
 Kelle Cruz

Astronomer, professor at Hunter, associate at AMNH. Liveable streets advocate. Spurs fan. Founder and editor of @astrobetter.
New York, NY

1,578  1/day
 Andy Lawrence

Quasar fan, survey nut, and astrogeek. Regius Professor of Astronomy. You can call me Reg.
Auld Reekie

1,571  2/day
 Gemma Lavender

Astrophysicist, FRAS, STEM Ambassador, Science Writer. Tel: 07788231883

1,565  3/day
 Eli Bressert

Love big ideas and putting them into action by connecting the impossible. Data scientist at Stitch Fix and advisor to Authorea
San Francisco, CA

1,529  3/day
 Meghan Gray

Astronomer. Mother. Stranger in a strange land.

1,520  0.8/day
 Dr Brian Boyle

Project Director – Australia & New Zealand SKA project

1,505  1/day
 山田陽志郎 Yoshiro Yamada

東京と横浜の科学館で、長年天文を担当。国立天文台天文情報センター勤務を経て、現在相模原市立博物館で天文担当学芸員。ボランティアで人工衛星追跡PCソフト Orbitron の翻訳も。『月面X』の名付け親。近著(邦訳)に『地球接近天体』(地人書館)。映画が好き。★面白いと感じた宇宙の話などをつぶやいてます。

1,479  6/day
 Stephen Serjeant

Head of Astronomy at the Open University, roped into various OU/BBC things too. The views here do not necessarily blah blah.

1,472  4/day
 Meg Urry

Yale professor of physics, President of American Astronomical Society, likes supermassive black holes, teaching, writing, increasing diversity, ++my family
Yale University

1,449  0.5/day
 Leigh Fletcher

Planetary scientist, space enthusiast, Royal Society Research Fellow and new Dad based in Oxford and author of
Oxford, UK

1,424  0.8/day
 Jedidah Isler, PhD

Relentless Dreamer / Astrophysicist / Science Lover / Innovator

1,403  2/day
 Invader ★ Xan

東大の天文学の研究者。 British molecular astrophysicist at the University of Tokyo with a head full of stars. 頭は星がいっぱいんでしょう。

1,372  9/day
 Sarah Milkovich

Science Systems Engineer for NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover. Previously on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter/HiRISE, Curiosity, Cassini, Mars Phoenix. Opinions are my own.
Los Angeles, CA

1,353  1/day
 claudia alexander

Planetary scientist; JPL; author; @RedPhoenixBooks; Rosetta mission; STEM education, @Windows2Adventr, will tweet Romance! @emerald_phoenix @concieveRfuture
Glendora, CA

1,346  15/day
 Matt Mechtley

Hubble Space Telescope user at Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Pythonista. Formerly: game dev, PowerGlove innovator, culture jammer
A mote of dust in a sunbeam

1,333  3/day
 Andrew Jaffe

Astrophysics, cosmology and more

1,327  1.0/day
 Jonathan Tedds

Astro, Health & Research Data Informatics. Senior Research Fellow, Uni of Leicester. PI #BRISSKit Editor-in-Chief @up_healthdata Chair Primary School Governors
Leicestershire, UK…

1,302  4/day
 Rachana Bhatawdekar

PhD astronomer @UniofNottingham studying high redshift galaxies (Frontier Fields) using @NASA_Hubble data. Coder. Badminton player. Salsa dancer. Daydreamer.
Earth, Orion Arm, MW, Laniakea

1,298  4/day
 Jen Gupta

@ICGPortsmouth Astrophysics Outreach Officer. Occasional @WinSciCentre planetarium-er. Former @jodcast-er. Active Galactic Nuclei were my first love.
Winchester, UK

1,292  4/day
 Erin Ryan

Doctor of the flying rocks (asteroids & comets), telescope jockey, grower of 8 ft tall tomatoes, collector of way too many orchid plants & extreme stress baker.
Charlottesville VA/ Crofton MD

1,273  14/day
 JC Holbrook

Astrophysicist turned Cultural Astronomer via Anthropology and History of Science. Hubble’s Diverse Universe
Kaapstad, ZA

1,258  1/day
 Joshua Bloom

Astrophysics professor @UCBerkeley; Co-founder of; Dad
Berkeley, CA

1,258  0.6/day
 Andy Howell

Staff astronomer at LCOGT, adjunct faculty at UCSB. A host on the Nat. Geo. show Known Universe. Copernicus on Ain’t It Cool News.
Santa Barbara, CA

1,246  0.9/day
 Natalie Batalha

Mother to four wonderful earthlings, Astronomer at NASA Ames Research Center, and the Kepler Mission Scientist. All opinions expressed here are my own.
Silicon Valley, California

1,243  0.3/day

Astrophysics PhD student, Communication Scientist

1,218  3/day
 Renée Hložek

South African cosmologist-and-singer-in-training currently living in the US, as a TED Fellow. Feminist scientist.
Princeton, United States

1,208  1/day
 Kevin Schawinski

Assistant Professor at ETH Zurich, co-founder of, expert on black holes & galaxy evolution. Foodie.
Based out of ZRH, z=0

1,197  7/day
 Ángel López-Sánchez

Spanish Astrophysicist @ Australian Astronomical Observatory & Macquarie University.

Astronomía en español desde 2003 en
Sydney, Australia

1,150  5/day
 Robert Rutledge

Physics Professor. Astrophysicist. Neutron Stars. Founder, Publisher of The Astronomer’s Telegram. @astronomerstel
Montreal, QC

1,141  3/day
 Phil Diamond

SKA Director General; husband, father, dedicated Manchester United fan
SKA HQ. Jodrell Bank

1,136  0.6/day
 Molly Peeples

I play with galaxies.
Baltimore, MD, z=0

1,109  10/day
 Anais Rassat

Science researcher interested in technology & innovation. Member of Euclid Consortium (#euclidmission, #ESA Space Mission). TCK. Mostly in Geneva/Lausanne, CH.

1,083  1/day
 Edward Gomez

Astronomer and web technology enthusiast. Been known to play the lute.
Within the error bars

1,083  4/day
 Alexander B Fry

Astronomy PhD student, science writer, all around raconteur. Thoughts randomly seeded on science, culture, art, philosophy, astrophysics.

1,081  1/day
 Simon O’Toole

Astronomer, science communicator, manager of information, football nut, foodie, dad. Opinions posted are my own.

1,072  4/day
 Richard Easther

New Zealander, father and scientist, repatriated member of the Kiwi Diaspora. ‘We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.’

1,068  5/day
 Dr Chiara Mingarelli

Italo-Canadian Gravitational Waves Astrophysicist at Caltech.
Loves science, coffee & girl power. Marie Curie Fellow 2014-2017
Pasadena, CA

1,053  11/day
 Louisa Preston

Astrobiologist and planetary geologist, science communicator, author for @sigmascience, Visiting Academic @OpenUniversity and @TEDFellow

1,050  2/day
 Phil Marshall

Astrophysicist, into cosmology, gravitational lenses and inference. This is the closest thing I have to a research blog. I’ll write more if you tweet at me.
San Francisco

1,045  1/day
 Ray Jayawardhana

Astronomer, Explorer, Writer, Speaker. Author of Strange New Worlds and Neutrino Hunters (SciAm/FSG, HarperCollins Canada, Oneworld UK)

1,022  1/day
 ✮ laυren вιddle ✮

Recent graduate of astrophysics. Researcher of exoplanets/black holes. Working in Hilo Hawaii at Gemini Observatory. Colorado Native✌Caffeine is my lifeblood.
A pale blue dot ⊕

1,016  3/day
 John Asher Johnson

Sayer of words, typist of things, one who professes professionally, figurer of things out, player of basketball, abuser of language
Cambridge, MA

1,006  2/day

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  1. Accretion Power in Astrotweeting – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  2. Twitter Profiles – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  3. If Tweeting Astronomers Were Planets… – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  4. Word clouds for the tweets of highly followed physicists, astronomers, and philosophers – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  5. Top tweets by discipline – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  6. Follower growth among popular astronomers on Twitter in 2013 Q3 – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  7. Followers vs. years on Twitter – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  8. Twitterviews – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  9. Physicists and astronomers ordered by followers-per-tweet – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  10. HepNames listing physicists’ Twitter feeds – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  11. Growth in 2013 for highly followed astronomers – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  12. Women among highly followed astronomers on Twitter – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  13. Composite profiles of highly followed philosophers, physicists, and astronomers on Twitter – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  14. Books for the budding natural philosopher by authors on Twitter – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  15. Charting physicists and astronomers who have over 5,000 Twitter followers – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  16. The faces of highly followed astronomers on Twitter – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  17. Astronomers on Twitter: analyses to date – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  18. Particle physicists and cosmologists on Twitter, per Sean Carroll – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  19. URLs of wisdom (end of March 2014) | Social in silico

  20. Follower growth among popular astronomers on Twitter in 2014 Q1 – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  21. Top 50 People to follow on twitter

  22. Collage of highly followed astronomers on Twitter – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  23. Women among highly followed physicists and astronomers on Twitter – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  24. Physicists and astronomers followed by physicists and astronomers on Twitter – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  25. Reply activity of highly followed astronomers on Twitter – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  26. Retweet activity of highly followed astronomers on Twitter – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  27. Lucretius21c at two years – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  28. Highly followed women in astronomy, astrophysics, and related fields – Lucretius, ver. 21c

  29. Selected 2014 books by highly followed philosophers, physicists, and astronomers – Lucretius, ver. 21c

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