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List of philosophers who have over 1,000 Twitter followers. Tweet additions and comments to @Lucretius21c. This list also is available in the Twitter list system.

Content last updated: 2014-10-10 09:00 UTC. Users listed: 180.

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 Alain de Botton

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Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Alain de Botton…

463,163  0.4/day
 Daniel Dennett

I’m an author and philosopher of mind and cognitive science
Tufts University…
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Daniel Dennett…

91,990  0.3/day
 Peter Singer

Author: Animal Liberation, The Life You Can Save, prof of bioethics @ Princeton University & laureate prof @ University of Melbourne. @lifeyoucansave
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Peter Singer…

48,245  0.4/day
 Nigel Warburton

Freelance philosopher, podcaster, writer.

Author of A Little History of Philosophy. Interviewer for the Philosophy Bites podcast.
Oxford & London UK

43,850  9/day
 Michel ONFRAY

Philosophe, écrivain

41,005  1/day
 Christina H. Sommers

Resident scholar at American Enterprise Institute. Former philosophy professor. Author of Who Stole Feminism?
Host of weekly video blog: The Factual Feminist.
Washington, DC…

21,320  4/day

Adjunct faculty in philosophy, free-thinker, secular humanist, science-lover, sceptic, blogger, religious critic, atheist

15,266  0.2/day
 William Crawley

I talk for a living. Occasionally think. And sometimes tweet. Retweets are not endorsements.
Belfast / Manchester

13,141  16/day
 Julian Baggini

Big thoughts can come in small packages, or so Julian Baggini hopes
United Kingdom
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Julian Baggini…

11,483  1/day
 Alain Guillemain

Essayist · Philosopher
Brisbane, Australia

9,673  0.3/day
 Massimo Pigliucci

Professor of Philosophy at City University of New York
New York, NY

8,810  9/day
 Peter Boghossian

Street Epistemology, reason, rationality, critical thinking, faith. Book: A Manual for Creating Atheists.
Portland, OR

8,639  4/day
 Prof. Gary Francione

Professor, Rutgers University. Seeking to abolish animal exploitation through creative, nonviolent vegan education & advocacy.
New Jersey
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Prof. Gary Francione…

8,508  7/day
 Jacques Rousseau

Moist robot & secular activist. Lectures critical thinking & ethics @ University of Cape Town. Chair of Free Society Institute
Cape Town, South Africa

8,013  11/day
 Jeremy Stangroom

I write philosophy books and run the web site.
Toronto, Canada

7,466  9/day
 Chris MacDonald

Philosopher-ethicist-speaker. Dir of Jim Pattison Ethical Leadership Prog @ Ryerson U’s Ted Rogers School of Mgmt. ‘100 Most Influential in Biz Ethics’ x4 years
Toronto, Canada

6,640  6/day
 Luciano Floridi

Oxford philosopher: philosophy/ethics of information, phil of technology
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Luciano Floridi…

6,235  0.7/day
 Matt Bruenig

Philosophy, economics, poverty, inequality, class, the Left. @Demos_Org, @TheWeek, @Salon. Subscribe to my newsletter:

6,183  24/day
 Logical Analysis

Philosophical vagabond. Philosophy of: science, physics & economics. Logic. Arts/Books/Games enthusiast. Living a life of intellect, tempered by flippancy.
Mexico City

6,018  25/day
 Guy Longworth

Philosopher @philoswarwick. A map of cheerful twitters now.…
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Guy Longworth…

5,934  94/day
 Øyvind Kvalnes

Filosof, forsker, forfatter, far og farfar. Flere spørsmål enn svar. BI- og Engamann
Oslo, Norge

5,808  19/day
 Patricia Churchland

I am a neurophilosopher, so work at the interface of philosophy, neuroscience & psychology. On questions like where do values come from, what is self & awarene?
San Diego (UCSD)…
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Patricia Churchland…

5,766  0.1/day
 Stephen Law

Philosopher and author.
Oxford UK
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Stephen Law…

5,591  3/day
 Glenn McGee PhD

Health policy and stuff.
New Haven, Connecticut

5,485  1/day
 Janet D. Stemwedel

Philosopher, lapsed chemist. I also blog @
San Francisco Bay Area…

5,381  23/day
 Molly Crockett

globetrotting neuroscientist investigating altruism, morality and economic decision-making
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Molly Crockett…

5,066  1.0/day
 Rani Lill Anjum

Philosopher & Director of @CauSci at @UniNMBU. Has a twitter lists of 1700 philosophers. Co-author of Getting Causes from Powers & Causation VSI. #Raniblogs
Oslo and Ås, Norway…

4,864  26/day
 Brian D. Earp

Research Fellow @ University of Oxford: cognitive science, psychology, philosophy, ethics, biomedicine, sociology, etc. Also professional actor-singer.

4,768  23/day
 Damon Young

Philosopher/author. New: Voltaire’s Vine (Random House UK) & How to Think About Exercise (Pan Macmillan UK/Picador US). For kids: My Nanna is a Ninja (UQP).
Melbourne, Australia

4,691  37/day
 Javier Gomá Lanzón

tú sigue la flecha

4,671  17/day
 Plato On Book Tour

Plato reacts to the 21st century. Rebecca Newberger Goldstein types.

4,668  2/day
 Lois Shawver, Ph.D.

Retired clinical psychologist, author of 2 books & many more articles &book chapters. More coming. Strong background in western philosophy & postmodernism.

4,530  1/day
 Peter Adamson

Professor of Philosophy at the LMU in Munich; hosts podcast about the History of Philosophy… without any gaps.
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Peter Adamson…

4,522  4/day
 Pawel Pachniewski

Mental contractions of an alien in 140 characters or less.

4,448  22/day
 Dan Fincke

philosopher, ethicist, atheist, prolific blogger, independent online philosophy teacher, philosophical counselor, podcaster, PhD.
Manhattan, New York…

4,286  7/day
 Gilbert Harman

Philosophy Professor, Princeton University
Princeton, NJ, USA

4,183  0.4/day
 Mathias Fischer

Kommentator i Bergens Tidende. Filosofistudent ved Universitetet i Bergen.
Bergen, Norway…

4,164  10/day
 Jules Evans

Author: Philosophy for Life; policy director at QM’s Centre for History of Emotions; teaches practical philosophy; researches ecstatic experiences in modernity

4,135  5/day
 Stephen Mumford

Professor of Metaphysics and Dean of the Faculty of Arts at University of Nottingham. Feeling compelled to defend free will.

4,117  15/day
 Thom Brooks

Professor of Law & Government @DurhamLawSchool | Lectures on Crime, Immigration, Public Policy | @UKLabour | Tweets in personal capacity
Durham, UK

4,093  12/day
 Anita Leirfall

Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Bergen and Associate Professor of Philosophy, Norwegian University of Life Sciences @uniNMBU
Oslo, Norway…

3,987  28/day
 Tarcisio Pequeno

Professor: Logic, Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence. Viver é melhor que sonhar.
Fortaleza – Brasil

3,972  7/day
 Emmy van Deurzen

Philosopher, psychologist, existential therapist. Author of ‘Psychotherapy & the Quest for Happiness’ and other books. International speaker. Principal NSPC.
London and Yorkshire, UK

3,742  4/day
 Richard Ashcroft

Professor of Bioethics in the School of Law at QMUL. Reads a lot. Intermittently grouchy. Prone to utopianising.

3,692  34/day
 Santiago Navajas

Profesor de Filosofía: Crítico político, cinematográfico y literario:

3,625  12/day
 Keith Frankish

English philosopher & writer, living in Crete. Interests in mind, consciousness, reasoning, belief. Tweeting philosophy, cog sci, Greece, links, and chat.
Heraklion, Crete, Greece

3,612  8/day
 Miguel Á QuintanaPaz

Profesor de Ética (UEMC). Según soy un peligro social. Promotor de @LibresIguales. Consejo Político nacional de UPyD. Charro y wittgensteiniano
Valladolid-Salamanca, Spain

3,545  41/day
 Ben Young

Visiting Assistant Professor in Cognitive Science at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem working on the philosophy of olfaction, consciousness, & neuroscience.

3,529  1/day
 Julian Savulescu

Uehiro Chair in Practical Ethics, University of Oxford. Tweets are own and Rts do not imply agreement
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Julian Savulescu…

3,528  0.7/day
 Boone B. Gorges

philosophy; computers; higher ed; crosswords; Jesse Frederick-composed theme songs
New York, NY

3,399  9/day
 Rebecca Roache

Lecturer in philosophy, Royal Holloway, University of London. Associate Editor, Journal of Medical Ethics. Ignorer of direct messages.

3,382  1/day
 Evan Selinger

Philosophy of Technology & Privacy. Prof. @RIT_COLA. Fellow @IEET. Advisory Board @futureofprivacy. Contributor: @wired; @Slate; @TheAtlantic; @Forbes; etc.

3,320  6/day
 AC Grayling

Philosophy Bites interview(s) with AC Grayling…

3,319  <0.05/day
 Tim Crane

Philosopher at the University of Cambridge
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Tim Crane…

3,272  1/day
 Russell Blackford

Russell Blackford. Australian philosopher, author, editor.
Newcastle, Australia

3,234  9/day
 Becca Reilly-Cooper

Political philosopher at Warwick University, liberal egalitarian, sceptical feminist, professional pedant, raging pomophobe. Person trapped in a woman’s body.

3,188  4/day

Writer and philosopher, based in Berkeley and New York City. Regular contributor to NPR’s 13.7 Culture and Cosmos:

3,133  0.3/day
 Pablo Abitbol

Exploring applications of cognitive sciences in deliberative decision architectures, public policy making, strategic analysis, planning & evaluation
Cartagena de Indias

3,107  6/day
 Christian Munthe

#Philosophy professor at @Got_University, #bioethics researcher & blogger. Check out my latest books: [1] AND [2]
Gothenburg, Sweden

3,036  7/day
 Tania Lombrozo

Writes about cognitive science and philosophy. Professes psychology at UC Berkeley. Devours chocolate and fiction.
Berkeley, California

3,013  0.3/day
 Thomas Gregersen

Political Philosophy, Ethics, Human Rights, Political Liberalism
Copenhagen, Denmark

2,948  0.5/day
 Matt Zwolinski

#Philosophy professor at @UofSanDiego. Bleeding Heart #Libertarian (@BHLBlog). Homebrewer and #CraftBeer lover. Father of four.
San Diego, CA

2,868  2/day
 Lauri Jarvilehto

Insight enthusiast
Helsinki, Finland

2,783  3/day
 Pamela J. Stubbart

biz dev + support stuff at @fueled, contributor at @libertarianism + @bustle. lapsed academic philosopher + relentless internet enthusiast.

2,776  14/day
 Itır Erhart

Bilgi University professor, co-founder of Adim Adim, long-distance runner, human rights activist
Istanbul, Turkey

2,758  5/day
 C.S.I. Jenkins

21st Century Monad, Canada Research Chair in Philosophy (UBC), Professor (Northern Institute of Philosophy), editor (Thought), and Metaphysician of Love.

2,687  4/day
 Angie Hobbs

Professor of the Public Understanding of Philosophy
University of Sheffield
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Angie Hobbs…

2,671  1/day
 Kwame Anthony Appiah

Born in London, raised in Ghana, educated at Cambridge in philosophy. Teach at NYU. Write mostly about ethics and African and African American Studies.
New York/Princeton
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Kwame Anthony Appiah…

2,613  <0.05/day
 Ray Monk

Professor of philosophy, biographer, unashamed Dr Who fan and ukulele player. Tweeting in a personal capacity. Also on Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram.
Southampton, UK
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Ray Monk…

2,582  1/day
 Greg Restall

Professor of Philosophy at the University of Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia

2,557  2/day
 Modern-Day Stoic

PhD Student writing on the #Stoicism of #Epictetus. #Stoic

2,497  2/day
 Anibal M. Astobiza

Graduated in Philosophy from University of Deusto (´03) and PhD in Cognitive Science and Humanities from University of the Basque Country (´14).

2,486  9/day
 Nick Polloni

Medievalist twitting about Philosophy, Politics, Middle Ages and extemporaneous thoughts

2,474  1/day

a logician (for more details, see my website)
respublica symbolomania…

2,460  16/day
 Yuko Murakami

Philosopher of logic interested in science and society, e.g. higher education. Mainly tweets in Japanese. 論理学・哲学を出発点に科学と社会の間で悶える哲学者。理から文へ異動。

2,430  24/day
 Constantine Sandis

Philosophy Prof at Oxford Brookes University (@philobrookes) & fellow @theRSAorg. Working on action explanation & understanding. See also @WhyPhilMatters.

2,399  2/day
 Carl Elliott

Author of White Coat, Black Hat and Better than Well; contributor to New Yorker, Atlantic, MoJo, Matter; failed bioethics professor at University of Minnesota

2,391  11/day
 Ethicist For Hire

Continental philosopher trying to live in an analytic philosophy world… | Please Note: Tweets = Id; Retweets = Ego; Favorites = Super-Ego
Tacoma, WA

2,383  15/day
 Keith Wilson

Research Fellow in #Philosophy at @GlasgowUni and new dad tweeting own views on mind, perception, #highered, #Apple, digital tech, politics and parenthood.
Glasgow, UK

2,366  25/day
 Carsten Fogh Nielsen

Filosof, tegneserieelsker, superhelt in spe. Til dagligt i lære som menneske. Trofast #wcpic’er, opfinder af #AEBMB og generelt storforbruger af hashtags.

2,350  26/day

Irish philosophy is my passion, but not the only thing I tweet about.
Kildare, Ireland

2,316  62/day
 Chris Bertram

Political philosopher: politics, philosophy, photography, migration rights, Rousseau, global justice …

All tweets reflect my personal views only.
Bristol, UK

2,297  10/day
 J. Martínez Bowness

Entrepreneur. Philosophy, history, education & random musings. / Emprendedor. Filosofía, historia, educación y reflexiones varias.
Mexico City

2,289  2/day
 Hubert Dreyfus

Hubert, Berkeley philosophy professor, is an original thinker who finds in the classic texts a new relevance for people’s everyday lives.

2,275  0.1/day
 Nathan Emmerich

Tweeting all the bioethics and bioethic related news that crosses this desk!

2,266  4/day
 John Searle
2,225  <0.05/day
 Brit Brogaard

Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Brogaard Lab for Multisensory Research. Research interests: perception, emotions, and semantics.
University of Miami

2,190  1/day
 Barry Stocker

British philosopher in Istanbul. Various cultural & political interests. Soft libertarian in politics; Literary-Historical-Continental side of philosophy

2,130  28/day
 Mark Eli Kalderon

An American philosopher in London

2,128  4/day
 Allen Stairs

Philosophy prof; views tweeted are mine and not UMD’s. Yup, I’m a liberal. Nope, I don’t care whether you’re an atheist.

2,115  24/day
 François Jourde

Prof. de philosophie (Bruxelles) / Essayeur pédagogique à l’ère numérique / Auteur sur & Hatier / Je suis aussi @profphilo et @philoeeb

2,103  0.4/day
 Robin James

Assoc. Professor of Philosophy & Women’s/Gender Studies at UNCC, @cyborgology contributor, sound artist
Charlotte, NC

2,092  5/day
 Leon Heuts

Filosofisch gesprek op twitter. Kan dat? Redacteur Filosofie Magazine. #twitfil

2,077  1/day
 Roderick T. Long

I teach philosophy at Auburn University and head up the Molinari Institute. I’m an Aristotelean Wittgensteinian left-wing market anarchist and sf fan.
Auburn, AL

2,062  31/day
 Peter-Paul Verbeek

Professor of Philosophy of Technology | University of Twente, The Netherlands
Enschede, The Netherlands

2,052  1.0/day
 Martin O’Neill

dad of four; politics @uniofyork; @_isrf & @ineteconomics grantee; writes on politics, philosophy & policy; asst editor @renewaljournal; gooner; @uklabour
York, UK

2,026  0.3/day
 Jeremy Waldron

Legal philosopher at NYU; political theorist at Oxford; New Zealander by origin…

2,024  0.3/day
 Chris Long

Husband, Father of two daughters, Professor of Philosophy and Classics at Penn State and Associate Dean of Graduate and Undergraduate Education.
State College, PA

2,002  4/day
 Francis J. Beckwith

Professor of Philosophy and Church & State Studies, Baylor University
Central Texas

1,986  0.6/day
 Ari Kohen

University of Nebraska political theory professor, academic blogger, quasi-Canadian, Michigan State and Duke alumnus, Detroit Pistons/Red Wings/Tigers/Lions fan
Lincoln, Nebraska

1,955  13/day
 David Papineau

philosophy, sport, and how they connect
London and Bradwell, Essex
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with David Papineau…

1,900  0.6/day
 Peter Smith

Sometime Cambridge philosopher, now idling in retirement

1,892  1/day
 Paul Oppenheimer


1,874  1/day
 Elena Postigo Solana

Profesora de Filosofía y Bioética, PhD. Anotaciones filosóficas e ideas marginales. Miscelánea. Philosophy & Bioethics.
Madrid, Spain…

1,872  14/day
 Michael Bärnthaler

Wir publishen unsere Seelen aus Langeweile.

1,871  20/day
 Michael Slezak

Australasia Reporter @newscientist magazine. Interested in politics, drug policy, climate change, philosophy, physics, cancer, kittens etc
Sydney, Australia.

1,868  3/day

PhD researcher in & teacher of Philosophy / #philosophyjazzhands: @falasafaz / #postgrad #disability in #HE: @PhDisabled // RT not endorsement
The Green Valleys of Silliness

1,859  92/day
 John S. Wilkins

Philosopher, punster, fatso. Working on a book on social dominance and hierarchy. Talk about religion, politics and music when I am avoiding work.
Melbourne, Australia

1,836  8/day
 Juliana de A. K.

Philosophy student, Tel Aviv University. German Idealism. Beauvoir. Yod Magazine. Cinema. Photography. Ingmar Bergman (@bergmanwatch).

1,800  34/day
 Dan Little

Philosopher of social science; politics and social justice in the United States, China, southeast Asia. Special concerns about racial justice.

1,784  2/day
 Didier Moulinier

Ecrivain & serial-blogueur. Philosophie, psychanalyse, littérature, politique, technologies…

1,779  4/day
 Andrew N Carpenter

Expert in online learning, active researcher, academic leader, award-winning educator.
Westminster, MD…

1,767  4/day

PhD student. not that kind of philosopher.
independence & sandwich city

1,764  15/day
 Levi Asher

Literature, Philosophy, Music, Politics, Technology. Religion, Art, Taco Bell
New York and Washington DC

1,757  2/day
 David Pereplyotchik

I study and teach analytic philosophy, generative linguistics, and cognitive psychology. I also write and play music. PhD from CUNY-GC. Teaching at Kent State.
Akron, OH

1,747  1.0/day
 Dr. Dilettante

Philosophy PhD from Columbia; post-doc at USC. I’m most interested in complexity theory, climate science, and tree technology.
New York, NY

1,719  3/day
 Alexandre Klein

Philosophe et historien des sciences. Chercheur postdoctoral @uOttawaHealthSc #histmed #histpsych #histsanté
Montréal, Québec

1,691  13/day
 Thomas Knapp

Student (Philosophie) an der Uni Graz, aktiv in der ÖH (Studienvertretung), Politik-Blogger bei @neuwalcom
Graz, Austria

1,676  5/day

Philosophy, Teaching, Nursing, Law (favourites are bookmarks)
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

1,672  15/day
 Dave O’Hara

Professor of Philosophy and Classics at @AugustanaSD. Brook trout, Attic Greek, Inklings, Philology. Evolutionary Love. Native New Yorker, lost elsewhere.
Sioux Falls, SD

1,665  3/day
 Coen Brummer

Speechschrijver @ ministerie veiligheid en justitie – politieke filosofie – geschiedenis – liberalisme – history and philosophy of science – Utrecht – Den Haag

1,630  6/day
 Jan Kyrre Berg Friis

Philosopher – passionate about literature; my research areas are hermeneutics, perception and science.
Copenhagen, Denmark

1,592  0.7/day
 George Iordanou

Writing a PhD in Political Theory. Southampton, LSE and now Warwick, with a few stops in Nicosia.

1,590  7/day

Teach Religion, Philosophy & Ethics at Uni of Gloucestershire..

Interests: Buddhism, philosophy, death practices, running, climbing, cycling..

1,576  9/day
 Katie Stockdale

PhD student in Philosophy. Interested in moral and political philosophy, the emotions, and bioethics. Loves animals.
Halifax, Nova Scotia

1,555  4/day
 David Edmonds

Philosophy Bites, Oxford, BBC, Wittgenstein’s Poker. Latest book WOULD YOU KILL THE FAT MAN?..All views expressed are the product of my genes & the environment.

1,538  2/day
 Rachel Handley

Philosophy PhD student @livuni working on Quasi-Realism. Rather fond of poetry, painting, metaethics, abstract expressionist art & classical music.

1,501  24/day
 Jonathan Ichikawa

Professional: philosopher. Avocational: photographer, baritone. Aspirational: poker player, mixologist. Affiliations: liberal, poly, American. Likes puppies.
Vancouver, Canada

1,496  3/day
 Ben Rogers

I have written about philosophy, history democracy and cities. Am Director of @CentreforLondon, the London think tank.
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Ben Rogers…

1,491  1/day
 Babette Babich

Philosopher of science, technology, art, animals and music. Got Nietzsche, Heidegger, Adorno, Anders… Author: The Hallelujah Effect.
New York

1,488  11/day
 John Taylor

Head of Philosophy & Director of Critical Skills, EPQ chief examiner, author & philosopher.

1,464  2/day

#Gradstudent #Philosophy #Christian #Texas

Crunching my education into tweets.

1,458  1/day
 Alan Bowden

Philosophy PhD student at Durham University. I review books.

On a thesis-induced reviewing hiatus.
Durham, UK

1,444  38/day
 Brian Leiter

I teach and write about moral, political and legal philosophy in the Anglophone and Continental traditions, at the University of Chicago.
Chicago, Illinois, USA

1,419  0.5/day
 Jonathan Webber

Reader in Philosophy, Cardiff University

1,405  6/day
 Anna Ezekiel

Scottish & Canadian philosopher in Singapore. Riding horses, travelling, & translating & writing about neglected German Romantic Karoline von Günderrode.

1,392  1/day

Heir to enslaved & (self-)emancipated ‘negroes’ (AfriKans) in Jamaica; born & bred in Brum; educated @UniofOxford (1st in Greats) & @umich (PhD in Philosophy).
London, England

1,385  3/day
 John Protevi

Professor of French Studies & Professor of Philosophy, LSU. Affiliation for ID purposes only; I speak only for myself and claim academic freedom for these views
Baton Rouge LA

1,374  1/day
 Gregory Sadler

philosopher, writer, speaker, consultant — ethics, emotions, critical thinking, politics, religion, assessment — I bring philosophy into practice
Kingston, NY

1,363  3/day
 Marianne Talbot

Director of studies in philosophy at Oxford University’s Department for Continuing Education

1,359  1/day
 Dr. Steve Cooke

Political philosophy, animal rights, environmental ethics @ University of Sheffield. Liberal. Tweeting in a personal capacity.

1,348  7/day
 Charles Foster

Author: presumptuously and unsuccessfully trying to work out what we’re doing on this strange and wonderful ball of rock. Many books, mostly bad.

1,346  3/day
 Clayton Littlejohn


1,344  2/day
 Tim Dean

Philosopher, science journalist, editor-in-chief of Wonder, founder of Socrates Cafe Sydney, gamer, curry fanatic.

1,338  2/day
 David John Roden

Lecturer in Philosophy at the Open University
Bristol, UK…

1,333  3/day

Boston Review editor, Stanford University professor, Apple University faculty
San Francisco…

1,315  2/day
 Andrew Cullison

Director, Prindle Institute…Professor, Depauw University…. Secretary-Treasurer of APA, Eastern… Division. Co-founder of Academy Geeks.
Fredonia, NY

1,305  1/day
 Myisha Cherry

Professor/Philosopher in NYC who specializes in moral psychology & ethics. I write Op-Eds. Passionate about justice. Lebron James FANatic!

1,302  3/day
 Will Buckingham

Novelist, philosopher, Reader in Writing & Creativity at DMU, student of Chinese, writer of Descent of the Lyre, Snorgh, stuff on Levinas etc. Opinions my own.

1,302  2/day
 Lisa Bortolotti

Professor of Philosophy @unibirmingham

1,299  1/day

Metaphysics at @UniofNottingham • civichacker
Nottingham – Rome

1,295  20/day
 Justin Caouette

University of Calgary PhD candidate in Philosophy (Massachusetts native). Tweeting: Free Will, Ethics, Punishment, Mind, Emotions, Science, and Academic news.
Calgary, Alberta

1,286  15/day

Ancien prof de philosophie. Jeune interne en neuroyologie en Normandie. Germanophile. #Politique (#PS) #Philosophie #Neurosciences ”Bonsoir, choses d’ici bas”
Parisien en exil

1,276  26/day
 Gary Williams

PhD student @ WashU Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology. I’m passionate about philosophy, science, books, chess, social media, writing, & cooking.
St. Louis

1,272  2/day
 Ned Block

New York…
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Ned Block…

1,270  <0.05/day
 Pete Mandik

Philosopher of mind & neuroscience; author of This Is Philosophy of Mind; co-host of the podcast SpaceTimeMind @spacetimemind99
William Paterson Univ., NJ

1,258  1/day

Philosophy MPhilStud at KCL.
Interested in modality and the philosophy of science.
Visit my site for essay discussion and feedback.

1,257  2/day
 Catherine French

Former graduate student at University of Cambridge. Tweets devoted to #philosophy – M&E, political, meta, and #Wittgenstein.
Toronto, Canada

1,234  0.7/day
 Doug Geivett

professor of philosophy, author, kayaker, motorcycler
So. California

1,212  0.5/day
 Patrick Stokes

Lecturer in Philosophy at Deakin University. Works on personal identity, Kierkegaard, moral psych, death. 50% of @TheFakeMcCoys.
Melbourne, Australia

1,196  1/day
 Ole Hjortland

Associate Professor, Philosophy, University of Bergen, Norway. (Logic, chess, etc).

1,195  2/day
 Willem van de Ven

Independent Philosopher (MA) working as quality manager & administrator. Like: Language – Epistemology – Metaphysics – Ethics – Politics. Tweets: ENG – NL
Tilburg, NL

1,194  4/day
 Robert Jackson

PhD @ Lancs Uni / Writer @ Furtherfield / Associate Editor of Speculations Journal / Book on BioShock and propaganda. Social Justice Warrior, and so on.
Solar System

1,190  7/day
 Sjoerd van Hoorn

Writing a doctoral thesis on Descartes’ moral philosophy at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Bespreekt boeken, schrijft essays, #cinéma #Amphora #lacauselitteraire
Nijmegen/Nimègue, Pays-Bas

1,190  26/day

Attempting to maximize the Good. Suffering perpetual ‘someone is wrong on the Internet’. #philosophy #science #politics #environmentalism

1,188  15/day

Philosophy (argumentation, political, ethics, critical thinking), other stuff too. Standard disclaimers apply. Blog:, @RAILBlog.

1,183  6/day

I am a moral philosopher & eternal student. I like cats. Chocolate is the key to world peace. Surely, my brain is making me do all this.

1,180  13/day
 Barry C Smith

Professor of Philosophy, Director of the Institute of Philosophy at School of Advanced Study, University of London:

Dual passions – philosophy and wine
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Barry C Smith…

1,158  0.1/day
 Early Modern Tweets

All things Early Modern Philosophy! Discussion, quotes, books, blogs and more! Tweet me anything relevant! Maintained by Craig French.

1,155  1/day
 Gillian Russell

philosopher @ Washington University in St Louis

1,128  <0.05/day

Philosopher & Organization Researcher. PhD Ancient Greek philosophy, 1993. Professor of Education & Work Life Research, Vice Dean (R&D), OAUC. Personal tweets
Oslo, Norway RTnotEndorsement

1,121  14/day
 pete wolfendale

Currently a freelance philosopher of a Kantian persuasion.

1,101  13/day
 Alison Gopnik

Cognitive scientist, psychologist, philosopher, author of The Scientist in the Crib and Philosophical Baby, and WSJ Mind And Matter columnist.
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Alison Gopnik…

1,066  <0.05/day
 Marylin Delgado

Former academic philosopher. Interested in human nature. Searching for hows and whys. Books: *Las paradojas del mal*; *Lo que no da igual*

1,063  6/day

Ann Arbor

1,057  1/day
 Robert Farrow

Education research professional with interests in open education, OER, policy, communication, tech-enhanced cognition and data visuals. (

1,034  4/day
 Sam Rocha

Come, follow me, and I will give you tweets.
Vancouver, BC

1,030  23/day
 Mark Sprevak

Lecturer in Philosophy of Mind & Cognition, University of Edinburgh

1,020  0.6/day
 Basque Philosopher

Philosopher studying Philosophy and sharing ideas with the Cosmos and those who inhabit it.

1,003  17/day
 Dr Kate Devitt

Cognitive scientist and philosopher. Transformational Teaching Fellow @ QUT & Academic Skills Adviser @ QUT Library
iPhone: -27.497580,153.019165

1,001  1.0/day

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