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 Alain de Botton

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Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Alain de Botton…

476,849  0.5/day
 Daniel Dennett

I’m an author and philosopher of mind and cognitive science
Tufts University…
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Daniel Dennett…

98,986  0.3/day
 Peter Singer

Author: Animal Liberation, The Life You Can Save, prof of bioethics @ Princeton University & laureate prof @ University of Melbourne. @lifeyoucansave
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Peter Singer…

49,223  0.4/day
 Nigel Warburton

Freelance philosopher, podcaster, writer.

Author of A Little History of Philosophy. Interviewer for the Philosophy Bites podcast.
Oxford & London UK

44,671  9/day
 Michel ONFRAY

Philosophe, écrivain

42,888  1/day
 Christina H. Sommers

Resident scholar at American Enterprise Institute. Former philosophy professor. Author of Who Stole Feminism?
Host of weekly video blog: The Factual Feminist.
Washington, DC…

32,520  5/day

Adjunct faculty in philosophy, free-thinker, secular humanist, science-lover, sceptic, blogger, religious critic, atheist

15,120  0.2/day
 William Crawley

I talk for a living. Occasionally think. And sometimes tweet. Retweets are not endorsements.
Belfast / Manchester

13,783  16/day
 Julian Baggini

Big thoughts can come in small packages, or so Julian Baggini hopes
United Kingdom
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Julian Baggini…

11,689  1/day
 James K.A. Smith

Professor of Philosophy, Calvin College; Editor, @commentmag
Grand Rapids, MI

9,916  13/day
 Peter Boghossian

Street Epistemology, reason, rationality, critical thinking, faith. Book: A Manual for Creating Atheists.
Portland, OR

9,870  4/day
 Alain Guillemain

Essayist · Philosopher
Brisbane, Australia

9,425  0.3/day
 Massimo Pigliucci

Professor of Philosophy at City University of New York
New York, NY

9,239  9/day
 Prof. Gary Francione

Professor, Rutgers University. Seeking to abolish animal exploitation through creative, nonviolent vegan education & advocacy.
New Jersey
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Prof. Gary Francione…

8,676  7/day
 Jacques Rousseau

Moist robot & secular activist. Lectures critical thinking & ethics @ University of Cape Town. Chair of Free Society Institute
Cape Town, South Africa

8,289  11/day
 Luciano Floridi

Oxford philosopher: philosophy/ethics of information, phil of technology
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Luciano Floridi…

8,086  0.8/day
 Jeremy Stangroom

I write philosophy books and run the web site.
Toronto, Canada

7,580  9/day
 Chris MacDonald

Philosopher-ethicist-speaker. Dir of Jim Pattison Ethical Leadership Prog @ Ryerson U’s Ted Rogers School of Mgmt. ‘100 Most Influential in Biz Ethics’ x4 years
Toronto, Canada

6,788  6/day
 Matt Bruenig

Philosophy, economics, poverty, inequality, class, the Left. @Demos_Org. CEO of Subscribe to my newsletter:

6,665  25/day
 Guy Longworth

Philosopher @philoswarwick. A map of cheerful twitters now.…
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Guy Longworth…

6,532  96/day
 Logical Analysis

Conceptual vagabond. Philosophy (metaphysics; epistemology) of the sciences: maths, physics, econ. Logic. Russell scholarship. Arts/Books/Games. Absurdity.
Mexico City

6,331  25/day
 Patricia Churchland

I am a neurophilosopher, so work at the interface of philosophy, neuroscience & psychology. On questions like where do values come from, what is self & awarene?
San Diego (UCSD)…
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Patricia Churchland…

6,112  0.1/day
 Øyvind Kvalnes

Filosof, forsker, forfatter, far og farfar. Flere spørsmål enn svar. BI- og Engamann
Oslo, Norge

5,964  19/day
 Stephen Law

Philosopher and author.
Oxford UK
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Stephen Law…

5,835  3/day
 Janet D. Stemwedel

Philosopher, lapsed chemist. I also blog @
San Francisco Bay Area…

5,719  27/day
 Brian D. Earp

Research Fellow @ University of Oxford: cognitive science, psychology, philosophy, ethics, biomedicine, sociology, etc. Also professional actor-singer.

5,544  23/day
 Molly Crockett

globetrotting neuroscientist investigating altruism, morality and economic decision-making
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Molly Crockett…

5,484  1.0/day
 Glenn McGee PhD

Health policy & management.
New Haven, Connecticut

5,468  1/day
 Rani Lill Anjum

Philosopher & Director of @CauSci at @UniNMBU. Has a twitter lists of 1900 philosophers. Co-author of Getting Causes from Powers & Causation VSI. #Raniblogs
Oslo and Ås, Norway

5,206  26/day
 Javier Gomá Lanzón

tú sigue la flecha

5,184  17/day
 Jeremy Neill

Writer, Teacher, Husband, and Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Houston Baptist University

4,896  10/day
 Plato On Book Tour

Plato reacts to the 21st century. Rebecca Newberger Goldstein types.

4,885  2/day
 Damon Young

Philosopher/author. New: Voltaire’s Vine (Random House UK) & How to Think About Exercise (Pan Macmillan UK/Picador US). For kids: My Nanna is a Ninja (UQP).
Melbourne, Australia

4,825  38/day
 Peter Adamson

Professor of Philosophy at the LMU in Munich; hosts podcast about the History of Philosophy… without any gaps.
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Peter Adamson…

4,787  4/day
 Tarcisio Pequeno

Professor: Logic, Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence. Viver é melhor que sonhar.
Fortaleza – Brasil

4,750  8/day
 Lois Shawver, Ph.D.

Retired clinical psychologist, author of 2 books & many more articles &book chapters. More coming. Strong background in western philosophy & postmodernism.

4,526  1/day
 Mathias Fischer

Kommentator i Bergens Tidende. Filosofistudent ved Universitetet i Bergen.
Bergen, Norway…

4,507  10/day
 Pawel Pachniewski

Mental contractions of an alien in 140 characters or less.

4,462  21/day
 Dan Fincke

philosopher, ethicist, atheist, prolific blogger, independent online philosophy teacher, philosophical counselor, podcaster, PhD.
Manhattan, New York…

4,404  7/day
 Stephen Mumford

Professor of Metaphysics and Dean of the Faculty of Arts at University of Nottingham. Feeling compelled to defend free will.

4,337  15/day
 Jules Evans

Author: Philosophy for Life; policy director at QM’s Centre for History of Emotions; co-organiser London Philosophy Club

4,331  5/day
 Anita Leirfall

Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Bergen and Associate Professor of Philosophy, Norwegian University of Life Sciences @uniNMBU
Oslo, Norway…

4,307  27/day
 Gilbert Harman

Philosophy Professor, Princeton University
Princeton, NJ, USA

4,295  0.4/day
 Thom Brooks

Professor of Law & Government @DurhamLawSchool | Columnist @TheJournalNews | Political & Legal Advisor | @UKLabour | Tweets personal capacity
Durham, UK

4,187  12/day
 Emmy van Deurzen

Philosopher, psychologist, existential therapist.

Author of 13 books, translated into 16 languages.

Principal of New School. Director Existential Academy.
London and Yorkshire, UK

4,150  4/day
 A C Grayling

Philosopher, Author

Philosophy Bites interview(s) with A C Grayling…

3,952  0.1/day
 Richard Ashcroft

Professor of Bioethics in the School of Law at QMUL. Reads a lot. Intermittently grouchy. Prone to utopianising.

3,866  34/day
 Leigh M. Johnson

Philosophy professor, Memphian, blogger, documentary filmmaker/ photographer and not a bad person to know if you find yourself in a pinch
Memphis, TN

3,852  4/day
 Keith Frankish

English philosopher & writer, living in Crete. Interests in mind, consciousness, reasoning, belief. Tweeting philosophy, cog sci, Greece, links, and chat.
Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Keith Frankish…

3,751  8/day
 Miguel Á QuintanaPaz

Profesor de Ética (UEMC). Según soy un peligro social. Promotor de @LibresIguales. Consejo Político nacional de UPyD. Charro y wittgensteiniano
Valladolid-Salamanca, Spain

3,739  41/day
 Julian Savulescu

Uehiro Chair in Practical Ethics, University of Oxford. Tweets are own and Rts do not imply agreement
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Julian Savulescu…

3,718  0.7/day
 Santiago Navajas

Profesor de Filosofía: Crítico político, cinematográfico y literario:

3,671  12/day
 Ben Young

Visiting Assistant Professor in Cognitive Science at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem working on the philosophy of olfaction, consciousness, & neuroscience.

3,571  1/day
 Tim Crane

Philosopher at the University of Cambridge, Philosophy Editor at the TLS
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Tim Crane…

3,505  1/day
 Boone B. Gorges

philosophy; computers; higher ed; crosswords; Jesse Frederick-composed theme songs
New York, NY

3,488  9/day
 Russell Blackford

I’m a philosopher and critic, author and editor. My books include FREEDOM OF RELIGION AND THE SECULAR STATE and HUMANITY ENHANCED.
Newcastle, Australia

3,467  9/day
 Evan Selinger

Philosophy of Tech, esp Ethics & Privacy. Prof. @RIT_COLA. Fellow @IEET. Advisory Board @futureofprivacy. Contributor: @wired; @Slate; @TheAtlantic; @Salon, etc

3,457  6/day
 Rebecca Roache

Lecturer in philosophy, Royal Holloway, University of London. Associate Editor, Journal of Medical Ethics. RTs are cries for help.

3,420  1/day
 Nick Polloni

Medievalist twitting about Philosophy, Politics, Middle Ages and extemporaneous thoughts

3,395  1/day
 Tania Lombrozo

Writes about cognitive science and philosophy. Professes psychology at UC Berkeley. Devours chocolate and fiction.
Berkeley, California

3,336  0.3/day
 Becca Reilly-Cooper

Political philosopher. Feminist.

“I tore myself away from the safe comfort of certainties through my love for truth – and truth rewarded me.”

3,268  3/day

Writer and philosopher, based in Berkeley and New York City. Regular contributor to NPR’s 13.7 Culture and Cosmos:

3,264  0.3/day
 Pablo Abitbol

Exploring applications of cognitive sciences in deliberative decision architectures, public policy making, strategic analysis, planning & evaluation
Cartagena de Indias

3,137  6/day
 Christian Munthe

#Philosophy professor at @Got_University, #bioethics researcher & blogger. Check out my latest books: [1] AND [2]
Gothenburg, Sweden

3,118  7/day
 Lauri Jarvilehto

Insight enthusiast
Helsinki, Finland

3,040  4/day
 Thomas Gregersen

Political Philosophy, Ethics, Human Rights, Political Liberalism
Copenhagen, Denmark

2,988  0.5/day
 Ian Dyball

PhD researcher of the performance mind: philosophy & music incl. self; virtuosity; anxiety; the zone etc. Guitar teacher & photographer
Norfolk, UK

2,937  1/day
 Modern-Day Stoic

PhD Student writing on the #Stoicism of #Epictetus. #Stoic

2,936  2/day
 Stéphane Vial

PhD Philosophy, Associate Professor of Design at @unimesfr, Researcher at the @SorbonneParis1. Philosophy of Technology, Digital Humanities, Design Research.
Nîmes, France

2,903  2/day
 Itır Erhart

Bilgi University, Adim Adim, long-distance runner, human rights activist, Ashoka fellow
Istanbul, Turkey

2,891  5/day
 Ethicist For Hire

Continental philosopher trying to live in an analytic philosophy world… | Please Note: Tweets = Id; Retweets = Ego; Favorites = Super-Ego
Tacoma, WA

2,885  16/day
 Pamela J. Hobart

formerly Stubbart. talent + biz dev at @fueled, contributor at @libertarianism + @bustle. lapsed academic philosopher, relentless internet enthusiast.
above 14th street

2,861  14/day
 Matt Zwolinski

#Philosophy professor at @UofSanDiego. Bleeding Heart #Libertarian (@BHLBlog). Homebrewer and #CraftBeer lover. Father of four.
San Diego, CA

2,834  2/day
 Angie Hobbs

Professor of the Public Understanding of Philosophy
University of Sheffield
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Angie Hobbs…

2,778  1/day
 Ray Monk

Professor of philosophy, biographer, unashamed Dr Who fan and ukulele player. Tweeting in a personal capacity. Also on Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram.
Southampton, UK
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Ray Monk…

2,778  1/day
 C.S.I. Jenkins

21st Century Monad, Canada Research Chair in Philosophy (UBC), Professor (Northern Institute of Philosophy), editor (Thought), and Metaphysician of Love.

2,763  4/day
 Kwame Anthony Appiah

Born in London, raised in Ghana, educated at Cambridge in philosophy. Teach at NYU. Write mostly about ethics and African and African American Studies.
New York/Princeton
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Kwame Anthony Appiah…

2,704  <0.05/day
 Greg Restall

Professor of Philosophy at the University of Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia

2,655  2/day
 Gregg Caruso

Philosopher, Author, TEDx speaker, Editor-in-Chief of SRC. Interests: Free will, consciousness, philosophy of mind, cog sci, science & religion.

2,648  1/day

a logician (for more details, see my website)
respublica symbolomania…

2,613  16/day
 Constantine Sandis

Philosophy Prof at Oxford Brookes University (@philobrookes) & fellow @theRSAorg. Working on action explanation & understanding. See also @WhyPhilMatters.

2,524  2/day
 Anibal M. Astobiza

Graduated in Philosophy from University of Deusto (´03) and PhD in Cognitive Science and Humanities from University of the Basque Country (´14).

2,488  9/day
 Yuko Murakami

Philosopher of logic interested in science and society, e.g. higher education. Mainly tweets in Japanese. 論理学・哲学を出発点に科学と社会の間で悶える哲学者。理から文へ異動。

2,485  23/day
 Carsten Fogh Nielsen

Filosof, tegneserieelsker, superhelt in spe. Til dagligt i lære som menneske. Trofast #wcpic’er, opfinder af #AEBMB og generelt storforbruger af hashtags.

2,470  27/day
 Keith Wilson

Postdoctoral Researcher in #Philosophy at @GlasgowUni tweeting own views on mind, perception, #highered, digital tech, #Apple, politics, and parenthood.
Glasgow, UK

2,469  25/day
 Carl Elliott

Author of White Coat, Black Hat and Better than Well; contributor to New Yorker, Atlantic, MoJo, Matter; failed bioethics professor at University of Minnesota

2,461  10/day
 Chris Bertram

Political philosopher: politics, philosophy, photography, migration rights, Rousseau, global justice …

All tweets reflect my personal views only.
Bristol, UK

2,427  10/day

Irish philosophy is my passion, but not the only thing I tweet about.
Kildare, Ireland

2,395  62/day
 Nathan Emmerich

Tweeting all the bioethics and bioethic related news that crosses this desk!

2,342  4/day
 Hubert Dreyfus

Hubert, Berkeley philosophy professor, is an original thinker who finds in the classic texts a new relevance for people’s everyday lives.

2,323  0.1/day
 J. Martínez Bowness

Entrepreneur. Philosophy, history, education & random musings. / Emprendedor. Filosofía, historia, educación y reflexiones varias.
Mexico City

2,308  2/day
 Barry Stocker

British philosopher in Istanbul. Various cultural & political interests. Soft libertarian in politics; Literary-Historical-Continental side of philosophy

2,264  26/day
 John Searle
2,254  <0.05/day
 François Jourde

Prof. de philosophie (Bruxelles) / Essayeur pédagogique à l’ère numérique / Auteur sur & Hatier / Je suis aussi @profphilo et @philoeeb

2,240  0.5/day
 Robin James

Assoc. Professor of Philosophy & Women’s/Gender Studies at UNCC, @cyborgology contributor, sound artist
Charlotte, NC

2,238  5/day
 Mark Eli Kalderon

An American philosopher in London

2,237  4/day
 Peter-Paul Verbeek

Professor of Philosophy of Technology | University of Twente, The Netherlands
Enschede, The Netherlands

2,204  1.0/day
 Brit Brogaard

Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Brogaard Lab for Multisensory Research. Research interests: perception, emotions, and semantics.
University of Miami

2,199  1/day
 Roderick T. Long

I teach philosophy at Auburn University and head up the Molinari Institute. I’m an Aristotelean Wittgensteinian left-wing market anarchist and sf fan.
Auburn, AL

2,192  30/day
 Allen Stairs

Philosophy prof; views tweeted are mine and not UMD’s. Yup, I’m a liberal. Nope, I don’t care whether you’re an atheist.

2,181  23/day
 David Papineau

At King’s College London and City University New York. Working on mind, metaphysics, science, and the connections between philosophy and sport.
London and New York
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with David Papineau…

2,110  0.7/day
 Chris Long

Husband, Father of two daughters, Professor of Philosophy and Classics at Penn State and Associate Dean of Graduate and Undergraduate Education.
State College, PA

2,093  4/day
 Francis J. Beckwith

Professor of Philosophy and Church & State Studies, Baylor University
Central Texas

2,091  0.6/day
 Jeremy Waldron

Legal philosopher at NYU; political theorist at Oxford; New Zealander by origin…

2,091  0.3/day
 Leon Heuts

Filosofisch gesprek op twitter. Kan dat? Redacteur Filosofie Magazine. #twitfil

2,088  1/day
 Martin O’Neill

dad of four; politics @uniofyork; @_isrf & @ineteconomics grantee; writes on politics, philosophy & policy; asst editor @renewaljournal; gooner; @uklabour
York, UK

2,087  0.4/day
 Curls McBobbins

PhD researcher in & teacher of Philosophy / #philosophyjazzhands: @falasafaz / #postgrad #disability in #HE: @PhDisabled // RT not endorsement
Permanent Rage Bath

2,083  95/day
 Elena Postigo Solana

Profesora de Filosofía y Bioética, PhD. Anotaciones filosóficas e ideas marginales. Miscelánea cultural. Philosophy & Bioethics.
Madrid, Spain…

2,071  15/day
 Michael Slezak

Australasia Reporter @newscientist magazine. Interested in politics, drug policy, climate change, philosophy, physics, cancer, kittens etc
Sydney, Australia.

2,001  4/day
 Ari Kohen

University of Nebraska political theory professor, academic blogger, quasi-Canadian, Michigan State and Duke alumnus, Detroit Pistons/Red Wings/Tigers/Lions fan
Lincoln, Nebraska

1,967  13/day
 Paul Oppenheimer


1,966  1/day
 Juliana de A. K.

Philosophy student, Tel Aviv University. German Idealism. Beauvoir. Yod Magazine. Cinema. Photography. Ingmar Bergman (@bergmanwatch).

1,962  34/day

unimpressed philosophy PhD Student. enspoused to @CrankyFrau
independence & sandwich city

1,955  16/day
 Peter Smith

Sometime Cambridge philosopher, now idling in retirement

1,916  1/day
 Michael Bärnthaler

Wir publishen unsere Seelen aus Langeweile.

1,885  20/day
 John S. Wilkins

Philosopher, punster, fatso. Working on a book on social dominance and hierarchy. Talk about religion, politics and music when I am avoiding work.
Melbourne, Australia

1,851  8/day
 Dan Little

Philosopher of social science; politics and social justice in the United States, China, southeast Asia. Special concerns about racial justice.

1,813  2/day
 David Pereplyotchik

I study and teach analytic philosophy, generative linguistics, and cognitive psychology. I also write and play music. PhD from CUNY-GC. Teaching at Kent State.
Akron, OH

1,805  1.0/day
 Didier Moulinier

Ecrivain & serial-blogueur. Philosophie, psychanalyse, littérature, politique, technologies…

1,800  4/day
 Andrew N Carpenter

Expert in online learning, active researcher, academic leader, award-winning educator.
Westminster, MD…

1,799  4/day
 Alexandre Klein

Philosophe et historien des sciences. Chercheur postdoctoral @uOttawaHealthSc #histmed #histpsych #histsanté
Montréal, Québec

1,797  13/day
 Levi Asher

Literature, Philosophy, Music, Politics, Technology. Religion, Art, Taco Bell
New York and Washington DC

1,753  2/day

Heir to enslaved & (self-)emancipated ‘negroes’ (AfriKans) in Jamaica; born & bred in Brum; educated @UniofOxford (1st in Greats) & @umich (PhD in Philosophy).
London, England

1,733  5/day
 Dr. Dilettante

Philosophy PhD from Columbia; post-doc at USC. I’m most interested in complexity theory, climate science, and tree technology.
New York, NY

1,718  3/day
 Dave O’Hara

Professor of Philosophy and Classics at @AugustanaSD. Brook trout, Attic Greek, Inklings, Philology. Evolutionary Love. Native New Yorker, lost elsewhere.
Sioux Falls, SD

1,713  3/day
 Jan Kyrre Berg Friis

Philosopher – interested in literature, philosophy, theology, history, and science. Researching interpretation via visual perception and science practices.
Copenhagen, Denmark

1,711  0.7/day
 Thomas Knapp

Student (Philosophie) an der Uni Graz, aktiv in der ÖH (Studienvertretung), Politik-Blogger bei @neuwalcom
Graz, Austria

1,698  5/day
 Katie Stockdale

PhD student in philosophy. Interested in moral and political philosophy, the emotions, and bioethics. @KillamTrusts and @SSHRC_CRSH scholar.
Halifax, Nova Scotia

1,696  4/day
 Coen Brummer

Speechschrijver @ ministerie veiligheid en justitie – politieke filosofie – geschiedenis – liberalisme – history and philosophy of science – kunst – cultuur

1,664  6/day

Teach Religion, Philosophy & Ethics at Uni of Gloucestershire..

Interests: Buddhism, philosophy, death practices, running, climbing, cycling..

1,660  9/day
 David Edmonds

Philosophy Bites, Oxford, BBC, Wittgenstein’s Poker. Latest book WOULD YOU KILL THE FAT MAN?..All views expressed are the product of my genes & the environment.

1,649  2/day
 George Iordanou

Writing a PhD in Political Theory. Southampton, LSE and now Warwick, with a few stops in Nicosia.

1,647  7/day

Philosophy, Teaching, Nursing, Law (favourites are bookmarks)
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

1,637  15/day
 Ben Rogers

I have written about philosophy, history democracy and cities. Am Director of @CentreforLondon, the London think tank.
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Ben Rogers…

1,622  1/day
 Brian Leiter

I teach and write about moral, political and legal philosophy in the Anglophone and Continental traditions, at the University of Chicago.
Chicago, Illinois, USA

1,560  0.5/day
 Babette Babich

Philosopher of science, technology, art, animals and music. Got Nietzsche, Heidegger, Adorno, Anders… Author: The Hallelujah Effect.
New York

1,548  11/day
 Jonathan Ichikawa

Professional: philosopher. Avocational: photographer, baritone. Aspirational: poker player, mixologist. Affiliations: liberal, poly, American. Likes puppies.
Vancouver, Canada

1,545  3/day
 John Taylor

Head of Philosophy & Director of Critical Skills, EPQ chief examiner, author & philosopher.

1,544  2/day
 Rachel Handley

Philosophy PhD student @livuni working on Quasi-Realism. Rather fond of poetry, painting, metaethics, abstract expressionist art & classical music.

1,509  23/day
 Alan Bowden

Philosophy PhD student at Durham University. I review books.

On a thesis-induced reviewing hiatus.
Durham, UK

1,503  38/day
 John Tasioulas

Director, Yeoh Tiong Lay Centre for Politics, Philosophy & Law, King’s College London @YTLKings. Lisa Goldberg Fellow, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University
• Cambridge, MA | London •

1,482  8/day
 Justin Caouette

University of Calgary PhD candidate in Philosophy (Massachusetts native). Tweeting: Free Will, Ethics, Punishment, Mind, Emotions, Science, and Academic news.
Calgary, Alberta

1,474  15/day
 John Protevi

Professor of French Studies & Professor of Philosophy, LSU. Affiliation for ID purposes only; I speak only for myself and claim academic freedom for these views
Baton Rouge LA

1,470  1/day
 Jonathan Webber

Reader in Philosophy, Cardiff University

1,456  6/day
 Gregory Sadler

philosopher, writer, speaker, consultant — ethics, emotions, critical thinking, politics, religion, assessment — I bring philosophy into practice
Kingston, NY

1,454  3/day

#Gradstudent #Philosophy #Christian #Texas

Crunching my education into tweets.

1,435  1/day
 Anna Ezekiel

Scottish & Canadian philosopher in Singapore. Riding horses, travelling, & translating & writing about neglected German Romantic Karoline von Günderrode.

1,432  1/day
 Marianne Talbot

Director of studies in philosophy at Oxford University’s Department for Continuing Education

1,432  2/day
 Dr. Steve Cooke

Political philosophy, animal rights, environmental ethics @ University of Sheffield. Liberal. Tweeting in a personal capacity.

1,428  7/day
 Lisa Bortolotti

Professor of Philosophy @unibirmingham

1,414  1/day
 Clayton Littlejohn


1,411  2/day
 David John Roden

Lecturer in Philosophy at the Open University
Bristol, UK…

1,387  3/day
 Pete Mandik

Philosopher of mind & neuroscience; author of This Is Philosophy of Mind; co-host of the podcast SpaceTimeMind @spacetimemind99
William Paterson Univ., NJ

1,381  1/day
 Tim Dean

Philosopher, science writer, editor-in-chief of Wonder, founder of Socrates Cafe Sydney, gamer, curry fanatic.

1,380  2/day
 Charles Foster

Author: presumptuously and unsuccessfully trying to work out what we’re doing on this strange and wonderful ball of rock. Many books, mostly bad.

1,372  3/day
 Will Buckingham

Novelist, philosopher, Reader in Writing & Creativity at DMU, student of Chinese, writer of Descent of the Lyre, Snorgh, stuff on Levinas etc. Opinions my own.

1,345  2/day

Boston Review editor, Apple University faculty
San Francisco

1,342  2/day

Metaphysics at @UniofNottingham • civichacking • opendata -dicono di me, che sono un ragazzo che pensa come un pensionato colto-

1,338  20/day
 Search for Wisdom

Life is short and living is complicated. A bit of wisdom makes all the difference.
Consultant philosopher and author.
London, UK

1,331  9/day
 Myisha Cherry

Professor/Philosopher in NYC who specializes in moral psychology & ethics. I write Op-Eds. Passionate about justice. Lebron James FANatic!

1,330  3/day

Ancien prof de philosophie. Jeune interne en neuroyologie en Normandie. Germanophile. #Politique (#PS) #Philosophie #Neurosciences ”Bonsoir, choses d’ici bas”
Parisien en exil

1,329  26/day
 Andrew Cullison

Director, Prindle Institute…Professor, Depauw University…. Secretary-Treasurer of APA, Eastern… Division. Co-founder of Academy Geeks.
Fredonia, NY

1,325  1/day
 Sjoerd van Hoorn

Writing a doctoral thesis on Descartes’ moral philosophy at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Critique littéraire #poésie #Amphora #lacauselitteraire
Nijmegen/Nimègue, Pays-Bas

1,306  27/day
 Catherine French

Former graduate student at University of Cambridge. Tweets devoted to #philosophy – M&E, political, meta, and #Wittgenstein.
Toronto, Canada

1,303  0.6/day
 Synthetic Future(s)

Synthetic Future(s) is a multimedia arts project imagining the future philosophical & ethical implications of new technologies

#synbio #bioethics #philosophy

1,301  20/day
 Barry C Smith

Professor of Philosophy, Director of the Institute of Philosophy at School of Advanced Study, University of London:

Dual passions – philosophy and wine
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Barry C Smith…

1,291  0.5/day

Philosophy MPhilStud at KCL. Interested in modality and the philosophy of science.

1,284  2/day
 Ned Block

New York…
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Ned Block…

1,283  <0.05/day
 Gary Williams

PhD student @ WashU Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology. I’m passionate about philosophy, science, books, chess, social media, writing, & cooking.
St. Louis

1,272  2/day
 Early Modern Tweets

All things Early Modern Philosophy! Discussion, quotes, books, blogs and more! Tweet me anything relevant! Maintained by Craig French.

1,267  1/day
 Patrick Stokes

Lecturer in Philosophy at Deakin University. Works on personal identity, Kierkegaard, moral psych, death. 50% of @TheFakeMcCoys.
Melbourne, Australia

1,266  1/day
 Marylin Delgado

Former academic philosopher. Interested in human nature. Searching for hows and whys. Books: *Las paradojas del mal*; *Lo que no da igual*

1,244  6/day
 Robert Jackson

PhD @ Lancs Uni / Writer @ Furtherfield / Associate Editor of Speculations Journal / Book on BioShock and propaganda. Social Justice Warrior, and so on.
Solar System

1,237  7/day
 Ole Hjortland

Associate Professor, Philosophy, University of Bergen, Norway. (Logic, chess, etc).

1,235  2/day
 Michael LaBossiere

I’m a runner/gamer from Maine who went to school in Ohio and ended up a philosophy professor in Florida.
Tallahassee, Florida

1,230  0.4/day

Philosophy (argumentation, political, ethics, critical thinking), other stuff too. Standard disclaimers apply. Blog:, @RAILBlog.

1,230  6/day

I am a moral philosopher & eternal student. I like cats. Chocolate is the key to world peace. Surely, my brain is making me do all this.

1,217  13/day
 Alejandro Vázquez M.

Grad student working on epistemology and the philosophy of cognitive science at UNAM, Mexico City. Recently interested in neurodiversity. Also @stormentas.
Mexico City

1,210  2/day
 Doug Geivett

professor of philosophy, author, kayaker, motorcycler
So. California

1,209  0.5/day
 Jana Mohr Lone

Philosopher, educator & advocate for children. Director of UW Center for Philosophy for Children, working to empower young people through philosophical inquiry
Seattle, Washington

1,203  0.7/day
 John Danaher

Lecturer and blogger. Tweets mainly about philosophy, ethics, technology and law.
Ireland and England

1,200  4/day
 Willem van de Ven

Independent Philosopher (MA) working as quality manager & administrator. Like: Language – Epistemology – Metaphysics – Ethics – Politics. Tweets: ENG – NL
Tilburg, NL

1,198  4/day

Striving to live virtuously. #philosophy #Stoicism #science #auspol #environmentalism

1,189  16/day
 pete wolfendale

Currently a freelance philosopher of a Kantian persuasion.

1,175  13/day
 Erik Angner

Philosophy, Politics, Economics. Director, @MasonPPE. Author, A Course in Behavioral Economics (2012). Statements of affect, cognition, and volition my own.
Fairfax, VA

1,172  2/day
 Alison Gopnik

Cognitive scientist, psychologist, philosopher, author of The Scientist in the Crib and Philosophical Baby, and WSJ Mind And Matter columnist.
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Alison Gopnik…

1,162  <0.05/day
 Cédric Eyssette

Professeur de philosophie & Enseignant en Section Euro Anglais.

1,157  0.2/day

Philosopher & Organization Researcher. PhD Ancient Greek philosophy, 1993. Professor of Education & Work Life Research, Vice Dean (R&D), OAUC. Personal tweets
Oslo, Norway RTnotEndorsement

1,154  13/day
 Gillian Russell

philosopher @ Washington University in St Louis

1,133  <0.05/day
 Robert Farrow

Education research professional with interests in open education, OER, policy, communication, tech-enhanced cognition and data visuals. (

1,116  4/day
 Beck Pitt

Philosopher & researcher on @OER_Hub project @OpenUniversity.
All tweets are in a personal capacity.

1,115  5/day
 Andy Clark

Philosopher and Cognitive Scientist
Edinburgh, Scotland…

1,111  <0.05/day
 Sam Rocha

Come, follow me, and I will give you tweets.
Vancouver, BC

1,087  23/day

Ann Arbor

1,084  1/day
 Paul Boghossian

Professor of Philosophy at NYU
New York, NY…
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Paul Boghossian…

1,078  0.1/day
 Mark Sprevak

Lecturer in Philosophy of Mind & Cognition, University of Edinburgh

1,070  0.6/day
 Basque Philosopher

Philosopher studying Philosophy and sharing ideas with the Cosmos and those who inhabit it.

1,049  16/day
 Branden Fitelson

Philosopher @ Rutgers
Jersey City

1,043  0.5/day
 Simon Riches

Trainee clinical psychologist, researcher, PhD in philosophy, writer on arts & pop culture | Tweeting psychology, philosophy, stuff like that | Views are my own
@KingsIoPPN, London, England

1,036  0.3/day
 Dr Kate Devitt

Cognitive scientist and philosopher. Transformational Teaching Fellow @ QUT & Academic Skills Adviser @ QUT Library
iPhone: -27.497580,153.019165

1,025  1.0/day
 Robert Long

Philosophy grad student @BrandeisU.

Formerly @tnr @amconmag @Harvard. Neko Case once favorited one of my tweets.
Boston area

1,023  9/day
 Mike Austin

Family man, philosopher, Model soccer coach. The Arsenal. Mere Christian. My personal Twitter account.
Richmond, KY

1,012  2/day
 David Brax

Unsolicited witticisms.
Stockholm, Sweden

1,008  6/day
 David Koepsell

author, educator, attorney, philosopher, interested in science, ethics, freedom, and justice

1,007  3/day

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