Physicists on Twitter

List of physicists who have over 1,000 Twitter followers. Tweet additions and comments to @Lucretius21c. This list is available in the Twitter list system.

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Physicists’ Favorite Twitter Feeds.

Content last updated: 2014-12-12 10:00 UTC. Users listed: 105.

Twitter profile Twitter
 Brian Cox

Ultra-naïve positivist-ish, although science can’t explain the existence of antipositivists

1,495,961  5/day
 Dr. Michio Kaku

Official Twitter of Theoretical Physicist, Famed Futurist, Bestselling Author, On-Air Personality, and Public Speaker, Dr. Michio Kaku.
New York, NY – USA

347,145  0.5/day
 ryugo hayano

Physics Department, U. Tokyo. Antimatter research at CERN.
Tokyo, Japan.

126,067  23/day
 Lawrence M. Krauss

Theoretical Physicist, Cosmologist, Best-Selling Author, Science and Public Policy Advocate

118,822  2/day
 Henry Reich

Cool science videos! Trying to get people excited about learnin’

email: minutephysics [at] gmail [dot] com
Minnesota… for now

88,122  4/day
 Jim Al-Khalili

Physicist, author, broadcaster and humanist — The Universe doesn’t have a purpose, free will is an illusion, and quantum physics is beautiful. Now you know me.
University of Surrey

64,587  5/day
 Principia Marsupia

Doctor en física teórica.

Blogger en y (Nombre: Alberto Sicilia)
En Gaza

48,254  9/day
 Brian Greene

Physicist, Author, Co-founder World Science Festival
New York, NY

43,875  0.2/day
 Derek Muller

An element of truth – the science video blog from atoms to astrophysics.

43,500  3/day
 Sean Carroll

Scientist, truth vigilante.

If the blind dudes just talked to each other, they would figure out it was an elephant before too long.
Los Angeles

35,450  4/day
 Robbert Dijkgraaf

Mathematical physics, string theory, science outreach, education & policy. Director and Leon Levy Professor, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton.
Princeton, NJ

19,440  0.1/day
 Deborah Berebichez

A physicist with a deep passion for communicating science to the masses. Secondary life as philosopher and actor. Made in Mexico.

13,432  3/day
 Lisa Randall


Author of Warped Passages,

Knocking on Heaven’s Door, Higgs Discovery

12,787  2/day
 Jon Butterworth

UCL physics prof, works on LHC, writes (Guardian, & book #SmashingPhysics) Personal account, occasional flippancy etc…
Mainly London & Geneva.

10,648  10/day
 Athene Donald

Physics Professor Cambridge University, researching interface with biology; Master @ChurchillCol; interested in gender issues; all comments personal
Cambridge, UK

9,752  6/day
 Eric Mazur

Physicist, educator, author, lecturer, Harvard professor, founder SiOnyx & Learning Catalytics, developer of Peer Instruction, early adopter of new technologies
Boston, USA

9,374  2/day
 Andrew Jones
 @AboutPhysics Physics Expert, author of String Theory for Dummies

8,934  3/day
 Francis Villatoro

Informático, físico, doctor en matemáticas y divulgador científico; en mi blog practico el arte de hacer fácil lo difícil, aunque no siempre lo logro.
Málaga, España

8,028  31/day
 Dr Paul Coxon

Physicist in Materials Science at @Cambridge_Uni. Researching nanomaterials, photovoltaics, sustainable energy & X-rays. Usually found in the lab or gym.
Cambridge, UK

7,805  6/day
 Marcelo Gleiser

Theoretical physicist and natural philosopher, professor at Dartmouth College, writer, author of The Island of Knowledge, blogger for NPR, Spartan racer
Hanover, NH

7,800  0.8/day
 Matthew R. Francis

You can’t get me to shut up about physics and astronomy. Director of CosmoAcademy (, jaunty hat-wearer. Will science for food.
Cleveland, Ohio

7,240  54/day

scientist; writer; programmer; author of Reinventing Discovery: the New Era of Networked Science

6,950  2/day
 Aatish Bhatia

Science writer @WIRED, @NautilusMag, engineering educator at @PrincetonCST. Kayaker, backpacker, warranty voider.…

6,365  10/day
 Arturo Quirantes

Físico (de película) y profesor (de cine), internauta y granaíno. Por lo demás, el hombre se define por sus actos, no por sus títulos.
Granada, España

6,065  8/day
 Sarah Kavassalis

Permanent student of the physical sciences. Thinks about the atmosphere a lot. Marfanoid. Cat mom to @FelisKlein.
The Grand Hotel, Canada

6,012  13/day
 George Musser

Knight Science Journalism Fellow, Scientific American contributing editor, book author. Making sense of space and time is hard work, but someone’s got to do it.
New York

5,620  4/day
 Graham Farmelo

Author of ‘Churchill’s Bomb’ and of ‘The Strangest Man’, a biography of Dirac. Interested in physics, books, theatre, music, movies, art, museums, coffee etc.

5,465  7/day
 Ben Lillie

Director of The Story Collider (@story_collider). Scientist-turned-storyteller, former writer for TED.
New York, NY

5,097  8/day

Professor of optical physics, blogger of physics, history of physics, and pulp fiction.

Opinions are my own (and, of course, mighty Cthulhu’s)
Charlotte, NC

5,079  59/day
 Laszlo Barabasi
5,014  0.5/day
 Rhett Allain

Physics faculty, wired science blogger and author of Angry Birds Furious Forces. I once gave up coffee. Sadly, I realized it was the source of my superpowers.
Hammond, Louisiana, USA…

4,922  5/day
 Matt Strassler

Theoretical physicist studying particles and strings; interpreting science for the public. Following the Large Hadron Collider closely.

4,853  1/day
 Andrés Gomberoff


4,849  4/day
 John Preskill

Caltech theoretical physicist
Pasadena, California

4,666  0.6/day
 Garrett Lisi

surfer-physicist (multiclass)
Maui, HI

4,158  0.3/day
 Frank Wilczek

Think, play, repeat

4,068  2/day
 James Gillies

Head of communication at CERN

3,594  0.2/day
 Paul Halpern

Physicist & Science Writer. Author of Einstein’s Dice & Schrödinger’s Cat: How Two Great Minds Battled Quantum Randomness to Create a Unified Theory of Physics

3,297  2/day
 Tara Shears

Particle physicist

3,218  1/day
 Dr. Corbett Moran

Astrophysicist, Maker. @SpaceX→@Caltech. Dev @whispersystems, @Circleof6app, @encyclopediaios. Consigliere @TechLadyMafia.
Los Angeles

3,206  8/day
 Arjen Dijksman

Exploring scientists’ world and daily physics quotes(#xsw). Nature & people lover. Anecdotal physics history. Feynmanian. PhD. Quantum dots.
Paris, France

3,151  2/day
 Jeffrey Forshaw

Particle physicist

2,971  0.1/day
 Frank Close

Physicist, author, broadcaster. Researching life of Bruno Pontecorvo: Mr Neutrino but was he also a spy? Answer next year in Half Life
University of Oxford

2,966  3/day
 Chad Orzel

I’m a physicist, professor, blogger, and author of two books explaining modern physics through conversations with my dog (@queen_emmy).
Niskayuna, NY

2,895  8/day
 alex vespignani

Network & Data Science, Digital Epidemiology, Complex Systems;

2,815  3/day
 Dmitry Podolsky

Professional theoretical physicist blogging about cutting edge science/research
Helsinki, Finland

2,725  1.0/day
 Tony Padilla

‘when i grow up i want to play for liverpool. until then, i’ll do physics’ – Lecturer, researcher and occasional ranter. Views are my own (or my wife’s)
University of Nottingham

2,706  4/day
 Robert Garisto, PRL

I’m a theoretical physicist, editor for the physics journal Physical Review Letters, and author of popular science pieces.
Long Island, NY

2,660  8/day
 Dr Suzie Sheehy

Particle accelerators, physics, science communication, running and other random stuff. Views my own etc…

2,565  7/day
 John Womersley

Chief Executive, Science and Technology Facilities Council. Supporting some of the most important and exciting science on (and off) the planet.

2,465  2/day
 David McGloin

Physicist (Optics, photonics, aerosols, biophysics), Reader, Associate Dean, STEM Ambassador School of Engineering, Physics & Maths, Univ. Dundee, views my own
Dundee, Scotland…

2,451  3/day
 Pauline Gagnon

I’m a particle physicist working on the ATLAS experiment at CERN, looking for dark matter when not running around or hiking somewhere
CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

2,397  0.1/day
 Miguel Alcubierre

Theoretical-computational physicist and science advocate. I love space, science fiction and a good book. I tweet in Spanish and English.
UNAM, Mexico City

2,313  1/day
 Andreas Warburton

Work hard. Play hard. Love hard. Science results humanity’s; opinions mine; jokes sometimes not. Subatomic high-energy particle physicist.
Montréal, Canada / CERN

2,287  6/day
 Vincenzo Chiochia

Particle physicist at LHC @CMSexperiment | Zurich Univ. Prof. | Science & Space, Big Data, Machine Learning & Analytics, Photography | Views are my own
Zurich & Geneva aeras

2,252  0.8/day
 Iván García Cubero

Físico de materiales dedicado a la simulación. En mis ratos libres también divulgador científico, escéptico y bloguero.
Ponferrada y León

2,216  5/day
 Michele Catanzaro

PhD in Physics, journalist

Doctor en física, periodista

Dottore in fisica, giornalista.

2,176  2/day
 Erik Verlinde

I am a Theoretical Physicist at the University of Amsterdam. I work on string theory, gravity, cosmology and black holes.

2,167  <0.05/day
 Kathryn Jepsen

Science communicator. Opinions are my own.
Bay Area, California

2,156  1/day
 Tom Whyntie

Working with @LangtonStar, @QMUL and @STFC_Matters on @CERNatschool, proudly supported by @Royalcom1851 and @GridPP. Views expressed are my own.

2,143  5/day
 Seth Zenz

They call me Dr. Zenz. Particle physicist working on the @CMSExperiment at @CERN for @imperialcollege. Married to @CuratorPolly.
South Kensington

2,118  2/day
 Bilge Demirköz

Particle physicist – Associate Professor at METU – Researcher at CERN – TED fellow – Parçacık fizikçisi – ODTÜ’de doçent – CERN’de araştırmacı
Ankara, Istanbul, Geneva

2,116  0.8/day
 Dr Ben Still

Understanding the smallest building blocks of nature to answer the biggest questions in the Universe. Physics, art and engagement. @ScienceLondon @JigglingAtoms

2,082  2/day

…aka @SmallCasserole Scientist. Physicist. ooo…looker extraordinaire. Mr @HappyMouffetard. Senior Data Scientist at @ScraperWiki
Cheshire, UK

2,070  22/day
 Bob Estes

On-Screen Scientist blog. Physics PhD. OnScreen Science, Inc.: Mac & iOS apps–OnScreen DNA Model, Gene Transcription, DNA Replication, Retrovirus, Pitch Count

1,997  6/day
 Esteban Moro

Researcher, scientist, curious. Associate professor @uc3m and technical leader @EventosIIC

1,944  3/day
 Mika McKinnon

Field geophysicist, disaster researcher, scifi science consultant, journalist, public speaker, irrepressible educator.

1,923  3/day
 Javier González E.

Físico. Investigación: Caos y Sistemas Complejos; Econofísica; Estabilidad del caos; Física Computacional; Astronomía y Astrofísica; Enseñanza de la Física.
UNET – Táchira

1,860  58/day
 Dave Goldberg

I’m a physicist, and I write! A User’s Guide to the Universe, (2010), The Universe in the Rearview Mirror (2013), and io9’s Ask a Physicist.

1,847  2/day
 Yaneer Bar-Yam

Complex systems scientist studying social and economic systems, president of the New England Complex Systems Institute. Author of Making Things Work…

1,809  0.7/day
 Steven Goldfarb

Physicist, Outreach, Education and Collaborative Tool Coordinator on ATLAS Experiment at CERN, Bluesman
Geneva, Switzerland

1,784  0.9/day
 Physicist Pat

physicist and sometimes astronomer and rarely astrophotography. Likes lots of things, tries some, usually fails. Often in shed! All tweets own views etc etc
prob a shed w of London

1,753  17/day
 Marco Delmastro

Particle physicist working in the ATLAS experiment at CERN LHC.

Dad, reader, blogger, runner, climber, photographer, guitarist, cook, and more.

1,749  2/day
 Sabine Hossenfelder

Theoretical physicist, blogger, twin mommy. I’m your hell, I’m your dream, I’m nothing in between.

1,738  1/day
 Jose Luis Mateos

Doctor en Física. Depto. de Sistemas Complejos, Instituto de Física, UNAM: Caos, Complejidad, Redes. Resercher: Complex Systems, Chaos, Networks

1,706  0.6/day
 Dr Martin Z Austwick

Martin Zaltz Austwick – UCL-CASA lecturer, social physicist. Views are not mine and not UCL’s and may be a terrible mistake
London, UK

1,642  4/day
 Peter Steinberg

Physicist at Brookhaven National Laboratory (studying hot, dense matter with the ATLAS experiment at the CERN LHC), recovering blogger, Brooklyner, dad
Fort Greene, Brooklyn

1,622  0.7/day
 Daniel Doro Ferrante

Theoretical Physicist (hep-th, hep-lat, gr-qc, math-ph) :: All content is CC BY-NC-SA 3.0,
Providence, RI (USA)

1,612  1/day
 Marieke Navin

Particle physicist turned science communicator

1,547  4/day
 Dr Adriana Caselotti

Particle Physicist & Space Enthusiast. Amateur astronomer.
New York

1,518  2/day
 Joerg Rings

Data Scientist, Physicist and Blogger. Some of my best friends are white entitled people.
Chicago, IL

1,429  8/day
 Shimon Lerner

Physics lecturer @ JCT often found in the Beis Medrash. Soft-Condensed-Matter. Squeezing the universe into a ball & rolling it towards the overwhelming Question

1,413  5/day
 Katie Yurkewicz

Head of communication at Fermilab
Batavia, Illinois

1,398  0.5/day
 Lucretius, ver. 21c

Examining the philosophy, physics, & astronomy communities on Twitter and tweeting at their intersection. See site for related lists & analyses.
21st century

1,361  4/day
  Maria Spiropulu

searching for new physics

1,343  0.4/day
 Matt Leifer

Quantum physicist, blogger, and all round geek.
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

1,328  0.3/day
 Jeff Terry

I am a Physics Professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology involved in energy research. All tweets are my own.

1,319  63/day

⚛ Flâneur-Theoretical particle physicist. ツ

1,315  5/day
 Daniel Martín Reina

Físico, divulgador, bloguero…Colaboro en @revistacomoves, @HdCiencia y @BukMagazin. Aquí también cine, música, literatura y deportes.

1,306  5/day
 steve hsu

physicist, startup founder, blogger, dad

1,272  0.4/day

Resonaances is a blog about particle physics. Jester is a nom de plume of the Parisian physicist Adam Falkowski.

1,261  0.1/day
 Richard Ruiz

Particle Theorist, Collider Phenomenologist, and Friendly Neighborhood
Physicist. #OwnViews
Pittsburgh, PA, USA, Earth

1,260  3/day
 Will Slaton

Physics professor at the University of Central Arkansas, Society of Physics Students Mentor, and father of two boxer dogs & one cat with my wife Anna!
Conway, Arkansas. USA

1,253  17/day
 Achintya Rao

#scicomm for @CMSexperiment at @CERN, PhD student at @SciCommsUWE. @cityjournalism alumnus. Tweets about #LHC, #physics, #science. /r/CERN mod.
Geneva, Switzerland

1,236  2/day
 Markus A. Dahlem

Neurology is too important to be left to the neurology department—Biomedical engineering, physics, and quantified self solutions to help better manage migraine.

1,222  3/day
 quiet physicist

Physicist. I wrestle with quantum mechanics every day. So far, I’m losing. Badly.
Bay Area, California

1,189  1/day
 Max Tegmark

Known as Mad Max for my unorthodox ideas and passion for adventure, my scientific interests range from precision cosmology to the ultimate nature of reality.

1,139  0.1/day
 Tim Blais

Musician, scientist and creator of A Capella Science, a pretty self-explanatory and utterly nerdy online video project.

1,137  0.6/day
 Abby Kavner

Mineral Physics Professor at UCLA tweets about science and life.

1,129  1/day
 carlo rovelli

Italy, US, France. Loop quantum gravity, relational QM, Anaximander, no time, thermal time. A boat, mountains, too much love too many dreams too short the life.

1,123  0.1/day
 Cait MacPhee

Physicist, biologist, all-round scientist. The views I express on twitter are mine alone and not those of my employer. I have no idea what my employer believes.

1,098  3/day
 Gerard ‘t Hooft

Theoretical Physicist
Utrecht, Netherlands

1,096  <0.05/day
 Mark Tibbetts

If these views aren’t my own, I’d like to know who’s putting them in my head.
Between Geneva and Berkeley

1,030  7/day
 Fabiola Gianotti


1,023  <0.05/day
 David Deutsch


1,005  0.3/day

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