Growth in 2013 for highly followed physicists

The following analysis is based on users listed on the Physicists on Twitter list, which since February 2013 has tracked physicists with over 1,000 followers.  The follower growth rate for a user is net over the period from the first day of tracking the user to December 6, 2013.

Over 100K followers

10K-100K followers

  • Median growth rate: 41 followers/day (fpd).
  • The physics rapid risers of 2013:
    • @LKrauss1 (170 fpd) rocketed to second place in this cohort.
    • @minutephysics (110 fpd) sustained strong growth, including a burst in November to maintain a lead over @LKrauss1.
  • @bgreene (50 fpd) neared then paralleled @seanmcarroll (22 fpd).
  • @debbiebere (16 fpd) jumped sharply in October, but otherwise grew negligibly.

followers_vs_date_phys_10_100K_03K-10K followers

  • Median growth rate: 3.7 followers per day (fpd).
  • @lirarandall (8.4 fpd) passed @jonmbutterworth (5.5 fpd) in June to take the lead in this cohort.
  • @AtheneDonald (8.4 fpd) appears likely to pass @AboutPhysics (1.9 fpd) to 3rd place in this cohort in early 2014.
  • @grahamfarmelo (4.4 fpd) jumped in November.
  • One to watch in 2014: Starting from the bottom of the pack, @aatishb (8.6 fpd) three times surged sharply, passing several others.  He has the highest growth rate in the cohort.


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