Physicists on Twitter

List of physicists who have over 1,000 Twitter followers. Tweet additions and comments to @Lucretius21c. This list is available in the Twitter list system.

For favorite Twitter feeds of the users listed below, see
Physicists’ Favorite Twitter Feeds.

Content last updated: 2015-02-25 10:00 UTC. Users listed: 111.

Twitter profile Twitter
 Brian Cox

Writing new book, touring with Infinite Monkey Cage in USA, trying to think about some physics.

1,538,335  5/day
 Dr. Michio Kaku

Official Twitter of Theoretical Physicist, Famed Futurist, Bestselling Author, On-Air Personality, and Public Speaker, Dr. Michio Kaku.
New York, NY – USA

381,274  0.5/day
 Lawrence M. Krauss

Theoretical Physicist, Cosmologist, Best-Selling Author, Science and Public Policy Advocate

135,454  2/day
 ryugo hayano

Physics Department, U. Tokyo. Antimatter research at CERN.
Tokyo, Japan.

127,133  24/day
 Henry Reich

Cool science videos! Trying to get people excited about learnin’

email: minutephysics [at] gmail [dot] com
Minnesota… for now

91,778  4/day
 Jim Al-Khalili

Physicist, author, broadcaster and humanist — The Universe doesn’t have a purpose, free will is an illusion, and quantum physics is beautiful. Now you know me.
University of Surrey

67,601  5/day
 Principia Marsupia

Doctor en física teórica.

Blogger en y (Nombre: Alberto Sicilia)
En Donetsk +380.93.798.8170

60,937  11/day
 Derek Muller

An element of truth – science and engineering videos

49,082  3/day
 Brian Greene

Physicist, Author, Co-founder World Science Festival
New York, NY

47,709  0.3/day
 Sean Carroll

Physicist, truth vigilante. If the blind dudes just talked to each other, they would figure out it was an elephant before too long.
Los Angeles

37,422  4/day
 Robbert Dijkgraaf

Mathematical physics, string theory, science outreach, education & policy. Director and Leon Levy Professor, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton.
Princeton, NJ

20,027  0.1/day
 Deborah Berebichez

A physicist with a deep passion for communicating science to the masses. Secondary life as philosopher and actor. Made in Mexico.

13,755  3/day
 Lisa Randall


Author of Warped Passages,

Knocking on Heaven’s Door, Higgs Discovery

13,691  2/day
 Jon Butterworth

UCL physics prof, works on LHC, writes (Guardian, & book #SmashingPhysics/#MostWantedParticle) Personal account, occasional flippancy etc…
Mainly London & Geneva.

10,877  10/day
 Athene Donald

Physics Professor Cambridge University, researching interface with biology; Master @ChurchillCol; interested in gender issues; all comments personal
Cambridge, UK

10,283  6/day
 Eric Mazur

Physicist, educator, author, lecturer, Harvard professor, founder SiOnyx & Learning Catalytics, developer of Peer Instruction, early adopter of new technologies
Boston, USA

9,609  2/day
 Andrew Jones
 @AboutPhysics Physics Expert, author of String Theory for Dummies

8,961  3/day
 Dr Paul Coxon

Physicist in Materials Science at @Cambridge_Uni. I research nanomaterials and new ways to make super efficient solar cells. Usually found in the lab or gym.
Cambridge, UK

8,589  7/day
 Francis Villatoro

Informático, físico, doctor en matemáticas y divulgador científico; en mi blog practico el arte de hacer fácil lo difícil, aunque no siempre lo logro.
Málaga, España

8,565  33/day
 Marcelo Gleiser

Theoretical physicist and natural philosopher, professor at Dartmouth College, writer, author of The Island of Knowledge, blogger for NPR, Spartan racer
Hanover, NH

8,138  0.8/day
 Matthew R. Francis

You can’t get me to shut up about physics and astronomy. Director of CosmoAcademy (, jaunty hat-wearer. Will science for food.
Cleveland, Ohio

7,619  54/day

scientist; writer; programmer; author of Reinventing Discovery: the New Era of Networked Science

7,264  2/day
 Aatish Bhatia

Science writer @WIRED, @NautilusMag, engineering educator at @PrincetonCST. Kayaker, backpacker, warranty voider.

6,700  10/day
 Arturo Quirantes

Físico (de película) y profesor (de cine), internauta y granaíno. Por lo demás, el hombre se define por sus actos, no por sus títulos.
Granada, España

6,369  8/day
 Physics Girl

fun physics videos for every atom and eve, from an MIT physics grad
San Diego

6,207  1/day
 Sarah Kavassalis

Permanent student of the physical sciences. Thinks about the atmosphere a lot. Marfanoid. Cat mom to @FelisKlein.
The Grand Hotel, Canada

6,201  13/day
 George Musser

Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT, Scientific American contributing editor, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to String Theory
New York

5,781  4/day
 Graham Farmelo

Author of ‘Churchill’s Bomb’ and of ‘The Strangest Man’, a biography of Dirac. Interested in physics, books, theatre, music, movies, art, museums, coffee etc.

5,530  7/day
 Ben Lillie

Director of The Story Collider (@story_collider). Scientist-turned-storyteller, former writer for TED.
New York, NY

5,436  8/day

Professor of optical physics, blogger of physics, history of physics, and pulp fiction.

Opinions are my own (and, of course, mighty Cthulhu’s)
Charlotte, NC

5,324  59/day
 Laszlo Barabasi
5,305  0.5/day
 Matt Strassler

Theoretical physicist studying particles and strings; interpreting science for the public. Following the Large Hadron Collider closely.

5,108  1/day
 John Preskill

Caltech theoretical physicist
Pasadena, California

5,063  0.7/day
 Rhett Allain

Physics faculty, wired science blogger and author of Angry Birds Furious Forces. I once gave up coffee. Sadly, I realized it was the source of my superpowers.
Hammond, Louisiana, USA

5,061  6/day
 Andrés Gomberoff


4,914  3/day
 Frank Wilczek

Think, play, repeat

4,501  1/day
 Garrett Lisi

surfer-physicist (multiclass)
Maui, HI

4,203  0.3/day
 James Gillies

Head of communication at CERN

3,621  0.2/day
 Dr. Corbett Moran

Theoretical Astrophysics Postdoc @Caltech. iOS @WhisperSystems, CTO @CircleOf6App. Formerly @SpaceX, @MIT.
Los Angeles

3,578  8/day
 Paul Halpern

Physicist & Science Writer. Author of Einstein’s Dice & Schrödinger’s Cat: How Two Great Minds Battled Quantum Randomness to Create a Unified Theory of Physics

3,524  3/day
 Tara Shears

Particle physicist

3,270  1/day
 Arjen Dijksman

Exploring scientists’ world and daily physics quotes(#xsw). Nature & people lover. Anecdotal physics history. Feynmanian. PhD. Quantum dots.
Paris, France

3,238  2/day
 Vincenzo Chiochia

Particle physicist at LHC @CMSexperiment | Zurich Univ. Prof. | Science & Space | Big Data, Machine Learning & Analytics @accenture | Views are my own
Zurich & Geneva aeras

3,143  0.9/day
 Chad Orzel

I’m a physicist, professor, blogger, and author of two books explaining modern physics through conversations with my dog (@queen_emmy).
Niskayuna, NY

3,080  9/day
 alex vespignani

Network & Data Science, Digital Epidemiology, Complex Systems;

3,065  3/day
 Frank Close

Physicist, broadcaster, and author of Half Life: How Kim Philby gave Bruno Pontecorvo to the USSR. Was Mr Neutrino also a spy?
University of Oxford

3,035  3/day
 Jeffrey Forshaw

Particle physicist

2,965  0.1/day
 Robert Garisto, PRL

Theoretical physicist, editor for the physics journal Physical Review Letters, & author of pop science pieces. Opinions: mine & not necessarily those of APS.
Long Island, NY

2,821  8/day
 Tony Padilla

‘when i grow up i want to play for liverpool. until then, i’ll do physics’ – Lecturer, researcher and occasional ranter. Views are my own (or my wife’s)
University of Nottingham

2,820  3/day
 Dmitry Podolsky

Professional theoretical physicist blogging about cutting edge science/research
Helsinki, Finland

2,712  0.9/day
 Dr Suzie Sheehy

Particle accelerators, physics, science communication, running and other random stuff. Views my own etc…

2,647  5/day
 David McGloin

Physicist (Optics, photonics, aerosols, biophysics), Reader, Associate Dean, STEM Ambassador School of Engineering, Physics & Maths, Univ. Dundee, views my own
Dundee, Scotland…

2,570  3/day
 Andreas Warburton

Work hard. Play hard. Love hard. Science results humanity’s; opinions mine; jokes sometimes not. Subatomic high-energy particle physicist.
Montréal, Canada / CERN

2,567  5/day
 federico | ronchetti

Nuclear Physicist. Head of operations @ALICEexperiment. Personal opinions. RT not endorsement
CERN, Geneva.

2,544  6/day
 John Womersley

Chief Executive, Science and Technology Facilities Council. Supporting some of the most important and exciting science on (and off) the planet.

2,539  2/day
 Miguel Alcubierre

Theoretical-computational physicist and science advocate. I love space, science fiction and a good book. I tweet in Spanish and English.
UNAM, Mexico City

2,438  1.0/day
 Pauline Gagnon

I’m a particle physicist working on the ATLAS experiment at CERN, looking for dark matter when not running around or hiking somewhere
CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

2,393  0.1/day
 Bilge Demirköz

Particle physicist – Associate Professor at METU – Researcher at CERN – TED fellow – Parçacık fizikçisi – ODTÜ’de doçent – CERN’de araştırmacı
Ankara, Geneva

2,250  0.8/day
 Iván García Cubero

Físico de materiales dedicado a la simulación. En mis ratos libres también divulgador científico, escéptico y bloguero.
Ponferrada y León

2,236  5/day
 Seth Zenz

They call me Dr. Zenz. Particle physicist working on the @CMSExperiment at @CERN for @imperialcollege. Married to @CuratorPolly.
South Kensington

2,235  2/day
 Michele Catanzaro

PhD in Physics, journalist

Doctor en física, periodista

Dottore in fisica, giornalista.

2,232  2/day
 Erik Verlinde

I am a Theoretical Physicist at the University of Amsterdam. I work on string theory, gravity, cosmology and black holes.

2,224  <0.05/day
 Kathryn Jepsen

Science communicator. Opinions are my own.
Bay Area, California

2,206  1/day

…aka @SmallCasserole Scientist. Physicist. ooo…looker extraordinaire. Mr @HappyMouffetard. Senior Data Scientist at @ScraperWiki
Cheshire, UK

2,156  21/day
 Tom Whyntie

Working with @LangtonStar, @QMUL and @STFC_Matters on @CERNatschool, proudly supported by @Royalcom1851 and @GridPP. Views expressed are my own.

2,140  4/day
 Dr Ben Still

Understanding the smallest building blocks of nature to answer the biggest questions in the Universe. Physics, art and engagement. @ScienceLondon @JigglingAtoms

2,116  2/day
 Mika McKinnon

Field geophysicist, disaster researcher, scifi science consultant, journalist, public speaker, irrepressible educator.

2,090  4/day
 Bob Estes

On-Screen Scientist blog. Physics PhD. OnScreen Science, Inc.: Mac & iOS apps–OnScreen DNA Model, Gene Transcription, DNA Replication, Retrovirus, Pitch Count

2,087  6/day
 Max Tegmark

Known as Mad Max for my unorthodox ideas and passion for adventure, my scientific interests range from precision cosmology to the ultimate nature of reality.

2,075  0.1/day
 Javier González E.

Físico. Investigación: Caos y Sistemas Complejos; Econofísica; Estabilidad del caos; Física Computacional; Astronomía y Astrofísica; Enseñanza de la Física.
UNET – Táchira

2,040  59/day
 Esteban Moro

Researcher, scientist, curious. Associate professor @uc3m

2,017  3/day
 Sabine Hossenfelder

Theoretical physicist, blogger, twin mommy. I’m your hell, I’m your dream, I’m nothing in between.

1,988  1/day
 Dave Goldberg

I’m a physicist, and I write! A User’s Guide to the Universe, (2010), The Universe in the Rearview Mirror (2013), and io9’s Ask a Physicist.

1,893  2/day
 Yaneer Bar-Yam

Complex systems scientist studying social and economic systems, president of the New England Complex Systems Institute. Author of Making Things Work…

1,885  0.7/day
 Steven Goldfarb

Physicist, Outreach, Education and Collaborative Tool Coordinator on ATLAS Experiment at CERN, Bluesman
Geneva, Switzerland

1,862  0.9/day
 Marco Delmastro

Particle physicist working in the ATLAS experiment at CERN LHC.

Dad, reader, blogger, runner, climber, photographer, guitarist, cook, and more.

1,846  2/day
 Physicist Pat

physicist and sometimes astronomer and rarely astrophotography. Likes lots of things, tries some, usually fails. Often in shed! All tweets own views etc etc
prob a shed w of London

1,836  16/day
 Jose Luis Mateos

Doctor en Física. Depto. de Sistemas Complejos, Instituto de Física, UNAM: Caos, Complejidad, Redes. Resercher: Complex Systems, Chaos, Networks

1,769  0.7/day
 Peter Steinberg

Physicist at Brookhaven National Laboratory (studying hot, dense matter with the ATLAS experiment at the CERN LHC), recovering blogger, Brooklyner, dad
Fort Greene, Brooklyn

1,707  0.7/day
 Dr Martin Z Austwick

Martin Zaltz Austwick – UCL-CASA lecturer, social physicist. Views are not mine and not UCL’s and may be a terrible mistake
London, UK

1,705  4/day
 Valerie Jamieson

Features editor at New Scientist and ex-particle physicist. Spends many a day in a black hole and enjoys hanging out with astronauts. Opinions are mine

1,641  0.3/day
 Daniel Doro Ferrante

Theoretical Physicist (hep-th, hep-lat, gr-qc, math-ph) :: All content is CC BY-NC-SA 3.0,
New York, NY (USA)

1,624  1/day
 Marieke Navin

Particle physicist turned science communicator

1,585  4/day
 Lucretius, ver. 21c

Examining the philosophy, physics, & astronomy communities on Twitter and tweeting at their intersection. See site for related lists & analyses.
21st century

1,551  4/day
 Dr Adriana Caselotti

Particle Physicist & Space Enthusiast. Amateur astronomer.
New York

1,538  1/day
 Joerg Rings

Data Scientist, Physicist and Blogger. Some of my best friends are white entitled people.
Chicago, IL

1,527  8/day
  Maria Spiropulu

searching for new physics

1,487  0.4/day
 Katie Yurkewicz

Head of communication at Fermilab
Batavia, Illinois

1,438  0.5/day
 Jeff Terry

I am a Physics Professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology involved in energy research. All tweets are my own.

1,437  67/day
 Shimon Lerner

Physics lecturer @ JCT often found in the Beis Medrash. Soft-Condensed-Matter. Squeezing the universe into a ball & rolling it towards the overwhelming Question

1,433  5/day
 Fabien Tarrade

Quantitative Analyst | Data Scientist | Researcher.
Ten years of experience at the forefront of research at @CERN.
Fascinated by finance and data modelling.
Geneva, Switzerland

1,422  0.2/day
 Matt Leifer

Quantum physicist, blogger, and all round geek.
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

1,404  0.3/day
 carlo rovelli

Italy, US, France. Loop quantum gravity, relational QM, Anaximander, no time, thermal time. A boat, mountains, too much love too many dreams too short the life.

1,367  0.1/day
 Daniel Martín Reina

Físico, divulgador, bloguero…Colaboro en @revistacomoves, @HdCiencia y @BukMagazin. Aquí también cine, música, literatura y deportes.

1,351  4/day
 steve hsu

physicist, startup founder, blogger, dad

1,350  0.4/day

⚛ Flâneur-Theoretical particle physicist. ツ

1,339  5/day
 Will Slaton

Physics professor at the University of Central Arkansas, Society of Physics Students Mentor, and father of two boxer dogs & one cat with my wife Anna!
Conway, Arkansas. USA

1,329  16/day

Resonaances is a blog about particle physics. Jester is a nom de plume of the Parisian physicist Adam Falkowski.

1,304  0.1/day
 Markus A. Dahlem

Neurology is too important to be left to the neurology department—Biomedical engineering, physics, and quantified self solutions to help better manage migraine.

1,294  3/day
 Achintya Rao

#scicomm for @CMSexperiment at @CERN, PhD student at @SciCommsUWE. @cityjournalism alumnus. Tweets about #LHC, #physics, #science. /r/CERN mod.
Geneva, Switzerland

1,292  2/day
 Richard Ruiz

Particle Theorist, Collider Phenomenologist, and Friendly Neighborhood
PhD Student.
Pittsburgh, PA, USA, Earth

1,283  3/day
 Gerard ‘t Hooft

Theoretical Physicist
Utrecht, Netherlands

1,252  <0.05/day
 quiet physicist

Physicist. I wrestle with quantum mechanics every day. So far, I’m losing. Badly.
Bay Area, California

1,215  1/day
 David Deutsch


1,192  0.4/day
 Abby Kavner

Mineral Physics Professor at UCLA tweets about science and life.

1,173  2/day
 Tim Blais

Musician, scientist and creator of A Capella Science, a pretty self-explanatory and utterly nerdy online video project.

1,163  0.7/day
 Cait MacPhee

Physicist, biologist, all-round scientist. The views I express on twitter are mine alone and not those of my employer. I have no idea what my employer believes.

1,129  4/day
 Clara Nellist

Particle physics postdoc & science communicator. Working on #ATLAS experiment at #CERN. Views my own. Also tweets as @TEDxCERN @ATLASExperiment @ComedyCollider.
Paris, France

1,101  2/day
 Dr Ceri Brenner

physicist & communicator with a mission: to bring #ResearchToReality through applied research, innovation & by spreading the joys of laser-plasma science.

1,080  2/day
 Mark Tibbetts

If these views aren’t my own, I’d like to know who’s putting them in my head. I like pithy comments and crass generalisations.
Between Geneva and Berkeley

1,037  6/day
 Matthew Buckley

Theoretical physicist. Research faculty at Rutgers. I work on dark matter, BSM physics, and LHC phenomenology.

1,009  2/day

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